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As the domain name would suggest, is a European website that claims to offer the best products and services at low prices. They sell both generic and brand name medications that are sourced from unknown locations. According to our investigation into this store, some things about this store doesn’t add up. There’s a possibility that it’s a rogue website that should be avoided by shoppers.

Domain Details
Date of Registration2009-08-09
Owner CountryCzech Republic
Contact Datano
Business Information
Name of OrganisationPharmaTheke Europe
Licenses, Certificates and Approvals
Customer Support
Live Chat Optionno
Courier Mailyes
Free Shippingyes
Payment Methods


Domain Details

This site has been in business for the last 10 years as pa the information gathered from its domain database. This may suggest that it’s a legit store for buying medications. Unlike scam sites that have a short lifespan, stainless drugstores have a long operation period. However, this isn’t always the case because some rogue stores have hidden means of surviving. This store is a good example of such stores due to the fact that it’s far from been legit.



Business Profile

It’s hard to conceal more about the ownership details of this store due to the use of the anonymous service. Their real business name and contact information are all out of the records. Most scam websites are afraid of presenting details to the public domain. If it’s really a reliable store, we would expect it to embrace transparency. Also, a physical location address is unavailable for those customers who may want to visit the store. This is frequently associated with scam stores that are always on the run.

Czech Republic


Regulatory Approvals

In Europe, there are rules and regulations that govern the operations of drugstores. These laws safeguard buyers from scam websites that sell and distribute fake and low-quality medications. The highest probability is that this store is in Europe. Therefore, we expect it to follow the EU set laws to the letter. However, it’s crystal clear that it’s not following these EU laws due to the fact that seals are missing. Lack of these seals insinuates that this store is operating illegally. Further, running the store’s domain through the LegitScript reveals that it’s a rogue website that’s not following the laws of the land.



Products and Prices

The store sells a wide range of generic medications for various maladies. Some of the pills sold include:


❋ Lovegra
❋ Propecia
❋ Zyban Generic

Similar to other rogue websites, their main focus is on men’s health enhancement pills that have a ready market always. Using these pills, the rogue websites are able to con unsuspecting buyers. Plus, a valid medic’s prescription isn’t required when purchasing these drugs. A peculiar aspect of these prescriptions is that they all use the same packaging. The only difference is the use of a German word in a generic package to confuse the buyers. This insinuates that the manufacturer of these medications has the likelihood of producing counterfeit pills. The prices are relatively high and close to the normal pays as expected on a legit drugstore. This technique is used by scam websites to suggest that there aren’t into a fraud.


Payments and Shipping

Both payments and personal details are secured with a valid SSL cert available on the site. Therefore, a customer can comfortably pay for an order using credit and debit cards. Those are the only accepted modes of payments when placing for an order. They offer free shipping in most cases when the order is light or the total cost exceeds a certain limit. The high prices installed on their products caters for the free delivery service.



Delivery Details

Usually, it takes 4-13 business days for an order to reach the destined location. However, a delay may be caused due to lack of medication in the store. A customer is advised to contact customer support if the goods are undelivered within the said time.


Customers’ Feedback

There is a customers’ feedbacks page that holds several reviews. Most of them talk about specific drugs instead of the store’s performance in general. Therefore, these reviews cannot be trusted at all. We looked for more reviews on an independent website. We found that there are both bad and good testimonials that seem genuine. However, the negative comments are more alarming because they suggest that there’s much than what catches the eye.




Lack of seals, using an anonymous service and the possibility of selling counterfeit pills are some of the reasons we awarded a 20% trust level.

 The negative stuff about this store exceeds the positive ones.


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