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main page is an e-commerce retailer that claimed at the time to service customers located in 170 different countries. The tagline of the online pharmacy also happens to be ‘My Trusted Pharmacy’. If issues do arise when using this website individuals are able to use the US phone number provided or Whatsapp. Whether this pharmacy is safe to use will be determined below in this article.

Domain Details
Date of Registration2021-02-23
Owner CountryIceland
Contact Datayes
Business Information
Name of OrganisationPharma Suock
Licenses, Certificates and Approvals
Customer Support
+1 (313) 788-9347
Live Chat Optionyes
Courier Mailno
Free Shippingyes
Payment Methods


Domain Info

The website of this online store was first put into use on the 23rd of February 2021. This domain was updated just a few months later on the 3rd of November 2021. It was extended until the 23rd of February 2022.


The fact that this website has been around for less than a year is worrying. What this means is that there is less likely to be evidence of them operating safely. Moreover, there is a higher chance of the online drugstore shutting down and disappearing with the customer’s money.


Business Profile

The pharmacy claims to be Indian, yet it uses a public registrar company based in Reykjavik, Iceland. By operating like this, we are not able to identify the identity of the owners behind them. On Scam Adviser the online drugstore has a trust score of 66 out of 100. Lack of visitors and inbound SEO links are some of the reasons for this score.



Regulatory Approval

No pharmaceutical regulatory bodies approved of the way that this online pharmacy is operating at the time of our research. This non-existence of approval applies to leading regulatory agencies. On Legit Script, the website is assigned the status of ‘rogue’ in connection to the way that it is operating.



Products & Pricing

The strange thing is that the online store claims to sell over 10,000 products. Yet, there does not seem to be anywhere close to this amount of medical products sold on there. Parts of the website also were not working properly. For example, when we tried to verify the languages offered we were told that a certain plugin was not installed.



Best-Selling Products

❋ Women’s Health – A number of different oral drugs can be purchased from here. They can treat a number of health conditions such as Parkinson’s disease and fibrocystic breast disease.

❋ Oedema Care – The health condition known as oedema can be treated and also prevented using the medication made available in this section. Oedema is when parts of your body become swollen due to excess fluid build-up.

❋ Pain Relief – Pain is a key signal that our bodies use to protect themselves. In certain circumstances our bodies can malfunction, leading patients to experience excess pain. Painkillers help to alleviate such issues.

❋ Men’s Health – A large range of male supplement medication that can help males to perform and feel better during intimacy. These drugs can be in the form of pills and also chewable jellies.

❋ Bladder Prostate – Illnesses concerning your bladder and prostate area can be kept under control using the medical products presented in this part of the e-commerce drugstore.


Payment & Shipping

free shipping

A total of four payment methods are offered on this pharmacy website. PayPal and Stripe allow individuals to pay using credit cards and also by bank transfers. There is also the strange payment method of cash on delivery. Finally, individuals are able to pay using credit cards from major processing firms such as Mastercard, Visa, and American Express.


Information surrounding the shipping methods provided is non-existent. The ‘Learn More’ page to do with shipping does not even work. At the same time, the online store promises worldwide shipping for free. These were the only details available at the time.



positive review

Three different reviews were presented on websites not associated with this pharmacy website. Two of them are located on the Trustpilot review platform. They are very similar, both using the terms ‘love’ and ‘loved’. On top of this, they also are posted by brand new accounts. The truly independent piece of feedback is located on the third-party review site happens to be negative.

The pharmacy website claims to have over 5,000 reviews from customers that apparently happen to love the service that they offer. Unfortunately, this happens to be a gross exaggeration. The pharmacy does link to its Trustpilot platform, although it does claim to be approved by Trustpilot which is technically not true.



In conclusion, is associated with fake reviews and provides no transparency. Using this online pharmacy will put you at great risk. Both in terms of losing the money that you have sent them. In addition, to potentially having your personal and payment information stolen by the anonymous individuals running this store.

  Taking into account all of the information we have outlined, we will have to give a trust level of 30%.  


Pharmacy Ranking

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