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main page is a chain of retail pharmacies based in Canada. They exist to promote the health and wellness of their patients in the communities where they have planted their roots. Besides selling medicine, they also inform and educate the ignorant on matters of health and safety.

Domain Details
Date of Registration1996-11-01
Owner CountryCanada
Contact Datayes
Business Information
Name of OrganisationPharmaSave
Licenses, Certificates and Approvals
LegitScriptnot in the database
Customer Support
Email[email protected]
Live Chat Optionno
Courier Mailyes
Free Shippingno
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Domain Info

This domain was registered on the 31st of October in 1996. In other words, the pharmacy opened its virtual doors at the very dawn of the eCommerce age. They have been in business for as long as the internet has permitted corporations to sell their wares online. That gives them more than two decades of experience, a fact that few other Canadian pharmacies can boast about. A firm like this is easier to trust because their claims are accompanied by a long and prosperous track record.



Related Websites

This domain only has one related website. ScamAdviser has assigned them a trust rating of 100%. That makes them completely safe as far as ScamAdviser is concerned. Of course, one cannot ignore their decision to hide so many of their online activities behind an anonymous service. But in this day and age, it isn’t that unheard of for internet pharmacies to use anonymous services as a means of avoiding spam.

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Business Profile

CanadaWhile this website identifies as a Canadian Pharmacy, they seem to originate from the United States. Even though their online branch opened its doors in 1996, the pharmacy actually started operating in 1981. The result of two smaller firms that chose to amalgamate, the business has created over six hundred additional stores. Each store is an independent entity managed by a distinct team. The pharmacy encourages all its branches to customize their services to the individual communities in which they are planted. However, the corporation also offers assistance in the running of each store, availing training, marketing, and personalized branding. They have made consistent efforts to invite new partners onboard, pushing them to open even more stores in Canada in the hopes that they can bring their services to every corner of the country.


The arrangement the internet pharmacy crafts with the different store owners are designed to accommodate the unique nature of the communities in which they are expected to avail their wares. While the drugstore’s empire features a uniform brand, the individual services will vary. People have the option of either dealing with the singular stores or accessing the online drugstore’s services through its primary internet platform. They have an app that makes the refilling of prescriptions and purchasing of drugs easier. This is on top of making available resources through which patients can diagnose their own diseases and identify the best medical solutions for their ailments.


Regulatory Authorization

This internet drugstore hasn’t been authorized to dispense drugs online by CIPA, LegitScript or any of the other renowned resources that monitor and accredit internet pharmacies. But this is most likely because most patients typically engage the individual stores directly. Most of these stores have been licensed officially as real businesses working out of Canada. So the central website is like a station whose objective is to direct visitors to the websites of the stores in their communities. They expect the individual stores to serve the consumers, so their lack of accreditation is no cause for concern.


Available Products


This drugstore does a lot. It sells its own branded medicine, such as:

❋ Pharmasave WellQuest Lozenges
❋ Pharmasave Bismuth
❋ Vaporizing Cold Rub
❋ Cough Syrup DM

They also offer drugs in other brands, both generic and brand name. In addition, they fill prescriptions, transfer prescriptions, screen for illnesses like diabetes and provide advice on natural treatment options. They sell medicine for adults, children and beauty products. Their app stores its users’ medical history. It also sends out reminders even while helping patients manage their drug consumption.


Pricing, Payments, and Deliveries

The prices on this website won’t blow your mind. They are mostly average, though you can get coupons that will greatly subsidize the cost of your drugs. The payment and delivery options vary with each store. But most stores seem to accept credit cards, debit cards, and E-checks. Some of them accept Bitcoin. Most consumers tend to collect their medication directly from each store. That being said, some stores deliver via courier. You have to consider the policy of each store before making any decisions.




You won’t find that many testimonials for the main site because most people deal with the separate stores, and they do so directly, rarely using the online platforms. The few reviews available on the internet are concerned with the app which, some have complained, isn’t always reliable.




This is a website with a 55% trust level. It provides comprehensive health and wellness services, not only selling drugs but educating its patients, refilling prescriptions, availing testing kits and even boasting a healthy lifespan.

 The pharmacy shows all the signs of a solid and stable business.


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We have created a rating of online pharmacies which gained our trust on the basis of their verified certificates, great customer feedback and quality services. Have a look and find the best store satisfying your needs.

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