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Nowadays, various online pharmacies are trying to deceive the normal customers by selling poor-quality drugs at an extremely low price. is the latest addition to such rogue drugstores that purposely sell counterfeit medications. Therefore, please beware and don’t attempt to buy any products from this scam site. Also, kindly keep reading and know more about this pharmacy in the following sections.

Domain Details
Date of Registration2015-07-22
Owner CountryDenmark, US
Contact Datano
Business Information
Name of OrganisationPharma Global Rx
Licenses, Certificates and Approvals
Customer Support
Live Chat Optionno
Courier Mailno
Free Shippingfor orders above 89$ (Airmail or registered post);
for orders above 250$ (EMS)
Payment Methods


Domain Information

In this section, we will reveal the domain information of this internet pharmacy in details. We have validated the domain details of this site using WhoIs. Based on our research, we have found that the domain of this drugstore was registered on 2015-07-22 which implies that the site is operating for around three years (as of now). The domain will expire on 2020-07-22.



Business Profile

To acquaint you with the business profile of this website, we have taken the reference of ScamAdviser. According to it, the site looks safe and it has a high trust rating. Nevertheless, ScamAdviser has even mentioned some negative aspects of this site too. For instance, it’s clear that this online pharmacy is masking/hiding their true identity by using a service. The owner name is given as Domain Admin which is surely fake. Plus, the website has completely hidden the owner country.


The homepage of this web-based pharmacy may look safe and easy to operate at first glance! But, please be reminded that this is a rogue pharmacy which is aiming to fool the customers by selling substandard drugs and medications. Another annoying part is that sometimes, the website throws you the notification that it’s under construction. So, it will result in a frustrating experience for you if you are trying to visit the website.


Regulatory Approvals

This pharmacy doesn’t have any approvals or certifications of operation. Whether it’s CIPA or LegitScript, it has failed to obtain the required approvals. That’s because it has failed to comply with the essential standards and measures of CIPA and LegitScript.


What’s more, LegitScript has enlisted the site as a rogue internet pharmacy website. Since the site doesn’t really have the approvals from the regulatory agencies, it’s strongly recommended not to purchase any drugs or medicines from this site.



Products and Pricing

Coming to the products and pricing of the available medicines of this drugstore as it’s mentioned earlier, the price tag of the drugs that are sold on this internet pharmacy is extremely cheap. Of course, there is a logical reason behind such excessive low pricing.

First of all, the medicines that are being sold on this pharmacy website are generic drugs. Secondly, these medicines are manufactured in Asian countries where there aren’t any stringent rules or protocols of maintaining the much-required drug quality. In fact, in most of the cases, it has been found that the quality of the medications is strongly compromised in order to reduce the price tag. Therefore, please don’t try to endanger your life by purchasing and in-taking such low-priced and substandard-quality drugs.


Payment, Shipping and Delivery

You can place an order on this drugstore website with the help of various online payment methods. Note that the platform supports the following payment methods, such as Master Card, Visa, and Western Union.

shipping policy

Kindly note, the platform offers a worldwide shipping. So, irrespective of your territory and location, you can place an order with this website. However, we are in a dilemma if you will ever receive the ordered medicines! That’s because it’s nothing but a cheat, rogue, and black-listed pharmacy.

shipping methods

For your reference, the platform supports two types of shipping methods: Standard Airmail and EMS. In general, it takes around three weeks to receive an order that’s shipped via Standard Airmail. Whereas, in the case of EMS orders, you may receive the products in two weeks.



The website has blatantly faked their testimonial section. It’s loaded with a plenty of fake positive customer reviews that are not genuine. By posting false positive reviews on their website, the pharmacy is surely striving to deceive the normal customers.

fake reviews



Obviously, isn’t a legit pharmacy. That’s why we have rated it with just a 20% trust level.

 Based on our findings, we recommend you not to purchase any drugs from this website.


Pharmacy Ranking

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