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In an age where convenience often dictates choices, online pharmacies like have become a go-to for many, especially for those confined to their homes or preferring to shop remotely for medications. However, the digital realm also brings the challenge of discerning legitimate services from scams. Is a reliable online pharmacy, or does it fall into the scam category? This review aims to meticulously examine, offering an in-depth analysis of its services, legitimacy, and trustworthiness. Read on for a comprehensive exploration and insights into what has to offer.

Domain Details
Date of Registration2023-12-07
Owner CountryIceland
Contact Datayes
Business Information
Name of OrganisationOnline Pharmacy
Licenses, Certificates and Approvals
LegitScriptnot in the database
Customer Support
Live Chat Optionno
Courier Mailyes
Free Shippingno
Payment Methods

Domain Information 

in business since 2023

Evaluating the domain information of is a crucial step in determining its authenticity. The domain was initially registered on 07-12-2023, showing a recent entry into the online pharmacy market. Its latest update occurred on 03-01-2024, and it is scheduled to expire on 07-12-2024, suggesting a short-term commitment.

Notably, the domain is registered in Iceland, which adds an international aspect to its profile. However, a point of concern arises from the fact that other details about the domain’s registration are concealed, a practice that often raises questions about the transparency and legitimacy of online businesses.

  • Domain registered on: 07-12-2023
  • Address provided: Iceland
  • Phone number: +354.4212434

Business Profile

The business profile of raises some concerns regarding its credibility. A check on reveals a TrustScore of 57 out of 100 for, which indicates a moderate level of trust but still leaves room for doubt. Additionally, the absence of customer reviews on a well-known platform like is troubling, as it suggests a lack of customer engagement or transparency.


Furthermore, the site primarily markets men’s and women’s health medicines, a common niche among online pharmacies but one that has been frequently exploited by fraudulent entities. This combination of factors casts a shadow on the legitimacy of

  • Organization name: No
  • Address provided: No
  • Phone number: +1 800 943 9753

Regulatory Approvals

Regulatory compliance is a key indicator of an online pharmacy’s legitimacy. In the case of, there are several red flags. Firstly, it is not listed as a member of CIPA, which is often a benchmark for safety and legitimacy in online pharmacies.

invalid membership

Additionally, is not recognized in the database of NABP, an organization that helps protect public health by ensuring pharmacies comply with legal and ethical standards. Moreover, the absence of on, a verification service for online health websites, further raises concerns about its authenticity and adherence to regulatory standards.

Available Products and Pricing’s product range mainly focuses on men’s and women’s health medications, catering to a specific segment of healthcare needs. The website conveniently displays the prices of each medicine directly on the main page, accompanied by a description of the medicine, facilitating easy access and informed decisions for customers.

men's health pills

The pricing spectrum is quite broad, ranging from as low as $0.42 to as high as $42.86 or more. This variation in pricing suggests a diverse selection of products, potentially catering to different budgetary requirements of customers seeking healthcare products online.

Payment and Shipping Methods offers a standard array of payment options, including widely recognized credit cards such as Visa, MasterCard, and American Express. These options reflect an effort to accommodate a broad range of customers. However, the website falls short of providing clear information about its shipping methods, which could be a point of concern for potential buyers looking for specifics on delivery.

On a positive note, does provide a feature for order tracking, which is a useful tool for customers to monitor the status of their purchases, adding a layer of transparency to the post-purchase process.


Customer reviews are a vital aspect in gauging the credibility of any online business, including Notably, lacks customer reviews on, a significant platform for unbiased consumer feedback. This absence raises questions about the pharmacy’s customer engagement and satisfaction levels.

not found

Furthermore, the site does feature a testimonial page, but closer inspection suggests that these testimonials may not be genuine. The lack of verifiable, authentic customer reviews, coupled with the questionable nature of the testimonials on their own site, casts doubt on the reliability and trustworthiness of as an online pharmacy.

Conclusion presents several red flags that cannot be overlooked. The site raises significant doubts about its legitimacy, from a questionable business profile with a moderate TrustScore, a lack of clear regulatory approvals, ambiguous shipping methods, and the absence of authentic customer reviews. The unverified nature of its testimonials and the need for more transparency in product sourcing further contribute to the skepticism.

Customers are advised to approach with caution and to consider these factors critically before engaging in any transactions with this online pharmacy.

  So we can only give this online pharmacy a 25% trust level.  


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