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main page is a United States-based online health store which dispenses a range of generic medications, allegedly at very low prices that you can’t ever find elsewhere. According to the information from their “Who we are” section, they pose to be brokers between the patients and quality pharmacies, which isn’t the case according to our investigation. They’re an online pharmacy. Along with claims that they offer preeminent services, this health store assures their clients of quality medications. We all know that these, alongside other pleasant ones, are the pledges made by all online pharmacies. That calls for an investigation into the services offered by each of them so that the apt inference can be made on their quality. For today, let’s have an insight into the pharmacy’s products and services to determine its quality.

Domain Details
Date of Registration2016-12-29
Owner CountryUS, Ukraine
Contact Datano
Business Information
Name of OrganisationCanada Drugs Online
Licenses, Certificates and Approvals
LegitScriptnot in the database
Customer Support
Toll-NumberUS: +1-800-865-70-45
UK: +0-800-088-52-49
Live Chat Optionyes
Courier Mailyes
Free Shippingyes
Payment Methods


Domain Info

Honest information from WhoIs reveals the registration details of this drugstore as follows. The site was registered on 29-12-2016, and updated on 17-04-2018. This implies that the domain name is as young as one year, and so is the pharmacy. Convincing clients that their services are elite-rated with just a year’s experience in the industry won’t be an easy thing to do for the drugstore. Such a young online drugstore still needs to be observed for some time to verify that their services and products are constantly of quality in an extended period of time.



Business Profile

The business profile implies the domain name registrar’s profile and reputation in the past years. The domain name is registered by “Hosting Concepts Openprovider”’. Its registrar has been linked to an online pharmacy that retails low-quality drugs to the US citizens by the FDA. The online drugstore that was alleged to be selling unbranded and poisonous tramadol was registered by this Internet service provider and that’s why the FDA addressed a letter of warning to them. Without a say, it goes that this pharmacy could also be selling such drugs.


We were determined to find the end from which the company operates. This is needed to evaluate whether that region is usually a safe one with regard to online drug sales. The outcome was that the online drugstore is US-based, but could also be from Ukraine. ScamAdviser provided us with this accurate information. The meaning of this is that since many rogue companies have always been linked with having a Ukrainian origin, we fear that the online pharmacy could also be rogue.


Drugs Offered

The company offers a wide range of drugs for sale. The categories range from drugs meant for pain relief, anti-anxiety drugs, sleep aid drugs, weight loss drugs, drugs for men’s health, and many more. In total, there are 24 categories of drugs sold at this pharmacy.

pain-relief medications

This Internet health store sells generic drugs as well as brand-name drugs. The generic drugs sold form 98% of the drug’s they offer for sale. Our investigations revealed that they aren’t FDA approved. Though some of them may still be safe, the unsafe ones can harm a client and the client won’t have any reason to base their complaints of being poisoned by a non-FDA approved drug.



To begin with, the online pharmacy promises to sell drugs at low prices in order to save their customers from the exorbitantly priced meds in other pharmacies. We have come across so many online drugstores that sell the same brands of drugs at 70-120% less than they’re sold here. Our conclusion about the pricing is that the company sells drugs at costly prices.

pricing policy


Payment Schedule

After purchasing drugs at this pharmacy, you need to pay for them and for their delivery during checkout. The options available for making these payments are Visa, MasterCard, Western Union/MoneyGram, Wire Transfer, and Bitcoin. This is a good range of payment options. However, there are more globally acceptable payment options like PayPal that aren’t within their accepted range.


Delivery Options

To begin with, this company currently delivers drugs to Australia, the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and the UK. Your order can be delivered to you via EMS (Express Mail Service), Royal Mail, or USPS, depending on your location and your preferred mode of delivery. Most of the drugs are delivered for free. They deserve a pat on the back for this. However, a trackable shipping option costs $25 and this is a high price, compared to the prices in other online drugstores.

delivery info


Regulatory Approvals

The pharmacy isn’t even in LegitScript’s database. The domain name doesn’t feature in the CIPA member database. They aren’t authorized to carry the CIPA seal. This simply means that the health store isn’t certified to operate legally by CIPA. NABP doesn’t recognize the drugstore. They have no information about the pharmacy. Though ScamAdviser awards it a 62% trust level, they conclude that the pharmacy isn’t safe for patients as it involves a high-risk country.




There’s an experience behind customer feedback – a past experience of a customer that has had a taste of the services offered by an online service provider. That’s why we can use testimonials to help us infer about the quality of products and services offered by the online pharmacy. Unfortunately, all the reviews on the site are faked! They are the same reviews that we have noticed in many other rogue online drugstores. They are meant to deceive the customers and this has an ill motive.

fake reviews

Besides, we found negative feedback from unsatisfied customers on ScamAdviser.

negative feedback



We realize that is a very young online pharmacy that sells poor quality and unapproved generic drugs at high prices to selected countries. Through their website is secure and has a wide range of drugs for sale, all that will mean nothing if the drugs themselves aren’t safe for use. Their business profile involves an untrusted domain name registrar.

 Based on these and more, the health store deserves not more than a 25% trust level from us.


Pharmacy Ranking

We have created a rating of online pharmacies which gained our trust on the basis of their verified certificates, great customer feedback and quality services. Have a look and find the best store satisfying your needs.

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