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Shopping for prescription drugs and medicine online is not an easy task. The internet is full of scams. Most online sellers look legitimate, yet they are not. A little research before you purchase from these online sellers will help you buy from a legitimate company. To ascertain that you are getting legitimate drugs from a legitimate online seller, start by checking online reviews. This is going to reveal the company dealings and the legitimacy of its online store. Is the online store licensed to deal with prescription drugs? It is important that you ensure you are getting your drugs from a licensed and legitimate store. Here is an OxyMedicines.com review of its legitimacy as an online drugstore.

Domain Details
Date of Registration2018-12-13
Owner Countryunknown
Contact Datano
Business Information
Name of OrganisationOxyMedicines
Licenses, Certificates and Approvals
Customer Support
Live Chat Optionyes
Courier Mailyes
Free Shippingno
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Domain Info

This online drug store was founded about six months ago. Therefore, there isn’t too much information about this online store on the internet. The estimated worth of this online store is only $8.95, with an income of $0.15 a day. The said online drug store website is hosted in the USA. You will notice this website does not have any ranks or scores.



Product and Pricing

The price range of these drugs varies from as low as $1 all the way to more than $1000 depending on the type or the number of drugs you need. As you can see, the store deals with a wide range of medications. The online drug business mainly deals with the following category of drugs:


❋ Anxiety medicines
❋ Painkillers
❋ Opioids
❋ Antipsychotics
❋ Barbiturates medications
❋ Benzodiazepines medications

This online pharmacy claim that they only deal with high-quality generic drugs that are equivalent to brand drugs. The claim is that these generic drugs they deal with are way cheaper than the brand drugs, but maintains the same dosage, strength, quality, and safety.


Business Profile

The business is just six months old. The business claim to sell their products to Italian, Germans, French, Spanish, and English citizens, mainly serving America and Europe countries. This means they cover a wide range of the market in the US and Europe.



Regulatory Approvals

Being a relatively new online business, the information provided about the business is limited. Their website lacks regulatory approvals, and the business owners are not known. Also, the business does not indicate who they are affiliated to. Regulatory approvals are displayed on the online business websites to indicate that it is approved to market and distribute drugs. If this is a legit online business, this information is supposed to be availed on the website. Regulatory approvals are done by agencies such as the FDA and VIPPS.



Payment and Shipping

shippingThe drug store accepts nearly all mode of payments. It accepts the use of:

❋ Visa
❋ Master Card
❋ Credit Card

Additional means of payment are Western Union, Cash App, and PayPal. This drug store accepts cryptocurrency such as Bitcoins as a means of payment for the ordered drugs. They claim all safety measure is in place in regards to transacting online, exercise caution when revealing your private information on websites such as this one. Security is not guaranteed. After successfully placing an order, the products are dispatched 48 hours after the purchase. The delivery time depends on your country. However, the delivery does not exceed 10 days using an EMS delivery and 3 weeks with airmail delivery. Other factors that affect delivery are national and religious holidays or general package delay. Orders placed over the weekend are dispatched on Monday.



From the look of things, this online drug store looks like a legit business. However, looking at it closely, there isn’t too much information availed on the website. This is an indicator that it might be a scam because it lacks some crucial information, such as regulatory approvals. Anonymous online stores such as these are just out to collect your personal information. They have clearly outlined that they will need your personal details. As for the site testimonials, there are some and they look quite genuine but we are can’t verify whether they are fake or not.




Undoubtedly, there is a lack of transparency from this online drug store. Buyers are advised to exercise discretion. Avoid buying your medicines from this website. This online pharmacy is a scam, receiving only a 35% trust level.

 If you are not careful, you are likely to order fake drugs or lose your private information to criminals.


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