Omicron Symptoms

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When you think the covid situation is getting better, a new variant appears. Have you heard of covid omicron? Perhaps you have heard about this new variant but don’t know a lot about it yet, let’s fix that. The omicron variant is the latest variant of covid, and it can spread easier than the original SARS-CoV-2 virus and other previous variants of covid. Just how strong is this new covid variant? What are the symptoms you can get from this new variant? This article will cover the basics of what we know so far about the new covid variant, omicron.


What Is Covid?

Just a quick refresher, Covid-19 is a disease that can cause a respiratory tract infection. This infection affects the function of your upper respiratory tract, which includes the nose, throat, and sinuses, as well as your lower respiratory tract, which is your lungs and windpipe. This virus is mainly spread by face-to-face contact. This outbreak started in early 2020 but was already active in December 2019 in China.



What Is Omicron?

The omicron variant is a new type of covid variant. It was first identified around November of 2021 in South Africa and Botswana. Unlike the other variants, omicron can infect and spread faster. It is still unclear why this new variant can spread faster than the others, but it could potentially push hospitals systems to limit its fast infection rate.


This new mutation of covid evades the antibodies created by any of the covid vaccines. Currently, this new variant is spreading like wildfire all over the globe. Further research is still being done on this new variant to see what remedies to take against it and what else it can potentially do.


Omicron Symptoms

symptoms of omicron

Some symptoms of omicron may differ from the symptoms of the older covid strains. Loss of taste and smell, which are prime symptoms in previous covid variants, are not present in the new variant. However, it is essential to remember that this virus is still covid and is very dangerous. Here is a list of symptoms one can show when they are infected with the new covid strain. It is crucial to know these symptoms because covid symptoms are easily disguised among common coughs and colds.

❶ Cough

Like with previous variants, signs of coughing are a prominent symptom of the new variant. Since your lungs are affected by covid omicron, the respiratory illness caused by this infection would make you experience a dry cough that you will feel in your chest. Having this cry cough in time will lead to a sore throat. Coughing is one of the main symptoms of covid infected individuals.

dry cough


One of the symptoms included in the new variant is fatigue. Because of the lack of oxygen in your body due to the respiratory illness caused by omicron, the covid patient will feel exhausted and, overall, quickly tired. Fatigue is generally associated with a lack of energy and drowsiness. Fatigue and tiredness are usually among the main symptoms always present for covid infected individuals.

Runny Nose and Congestion

A new symptom that is caused by the new covid strain is congestion and a runny nose. This means the infected individual will encounter an excess in his nasal drainage. Continued colds and discharge of thick mucus or thin clear fluid will be present in covid infected individuals.

running nose



Headaches are one of the symptoms that are caused by covid omicron. You will feel pain because of the lack of oxygen caused by the respiratory illness due to the new variant. The reduced amount of oxygen caused by the omicron variant can result in the infected person’s headache. In some cases, headaches among covid infected patients only last up to a few days. Compared to the usual headache, the whole head of the infected person will feel severe pressure of pain that is different from the typical migraine. Covid patients with headaches can also be extra sensitive to sound, light, and nausea.

❺ Sore Throat

Sore throat is an effect caused by the new covid variant. A feeling of discomfort and pain in the infected person’s throat will cause them to experience a scratchy throat and irritation that would hurt and worsen more every time you swallow. Some covid patients experience a mild burning sensation. This symptom can also be an effect of the coughing caused by covid.

scratchy throat


Vaccines Against Omicron

With omicron being so fast in terms of infection rate, just how effective are our vaccines against it? Current existing vaccines are expected to work against this new variant. Having a vaccine is essential against covid. Even against omicron, vaccines can protect people from severe illness and death. The current available covid vaccines produce antibodies that help counter the effects of covid.


While the various mutated variants of covid can still infect and harm people, covid vaccines are effective in lessening the damages that these viruses could do. Unlike the delta variant, omicron can still easily infect fully vaccinated people. Omicron can still leave a person hospitalized, or worse, dead. The emergence of this new variant highlights the importance of covid vaccines.


Delta Variant and Omicron Variant

Current research regarding the covid omicron is still ongoing, although scientists have noted that the delta variant is more severe in respiratory damage than omicron. However, omicron can infect and spread faster than the delta and should not be taken lightly.




While the omicron variant may be weaker and milder than the delta variant, it is still too early to fully close the lid on what the covid omicron is capable of. It is essential to be wary and vigilant regarding your surroundings. Omicron can be easily spread through face-to-face contact and has the highest infection rate among covid strains. One must know the symptoms that involve the omicron variant. Staying safe, being cautious, and being vaccinated will help you get through and thread covid omicron safely.

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