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In the ever-expanding realm of online pharmacies, has emerged as a contender, positioning itself as a reliable source of men’s health medications. With bold claims of offering the highest quality medicines and pills, the website strives to lure customers with enticing offers, including a tempting 20% discount and free shipping. As convenience becomes a critical factor in medication accessibility, aims to provide a seamless experience for those seeking men’s health solutions. However, with the proliferation of online scams, scrutinizing the legitimacy of such platforms is crucial.

Domain Details
Date of Registration2023-08-03
Owner CountryRussia
Contact Datayes
Business Information
Name of OrganisationNooky Love
Licenses, Certificates and Approvals
LegitScriptnot in the database
Customer Support
Live Chat Optionno
Courier Mailyes
Free Shippingno
Payment Methods

Domain Information

registered in 2023

A critical aspect of evaluating the credibility of an online pharmacy is its domain information. registered with the REGISTRAR OF DOMAIN NAMES REG.RU LLC, came into existence on August 3, 2023.

As of the latest available data, the domain is set to expire on August 3, 2024, and was last updated on August 6, 2023. An intriguing detail is the status of the domain, which is currently marked as “clientTransferProhibited.” This status is typically employed to prevent unauthorized domain transfers, indicating a measure taken to secure its integrity.

While domain information offers valuable insights, it is only the first step in determining the authenticity of an online pharmacy. In the subsequent sections, we delve deeper into customer reviews, product quality, and regulatory compliance to ascertain whether is a legitimate platform or potentially a dubious player in the online pharmaceutical landscape.

Business Profile

Upon navigating, one is greeted by a professional and user-friendly interface designed to instill confidence in potential customers. The website showcases a range of men’s health medications, complete with detailed product descriptions and pricing information. The absence of clutter contributes to a streamlined user experience, enhancing the overall impression of professionalism.

online form

A notable feature is the ‘Contact Us’ section, where users can contact the company by submitting a form. While this provides a means of communication, the absence of a helpline on the website raises concerns about the immediacy of customer support. Reliance on a form submission may not be ideal for urgent queries or issues that require immediate attention. However, does provide an email address and physical address, asserting its accessibility for customer inquiries. The claim of being open 24/7 is a positive aspect, suggesting a commitment to addressing customer needs around the clock.

Nevertheless, the absence of a FAQ section is a significant drawback. FAQs serve as a valuable resource for customers, offering quick answers to common queries and providing essential information about the ordering process, shipping, and other pertinent details. The lack of this section may leave customers feeling deprived of readily available information, potentially leading to frustration and uncertainty.

Regulatory Approval

An essential aspect of evaluating the legitimacy of an online pharmacy is its regulatory approval. Unfortunately, in the case of, a thorough search reveals no affiliations with reputable regulatory bodies such as the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy (NABP), the Canadian International Pharmacy Association (CIPA), or the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).


The absence of regulatory approval from these recognized entities raises red flags and suggests that may be operating outside the bounds of established pharmaceutical standards. The NABP, CIPA, and FDA play crucial roles in ensuring the safety and authenticity of online pharmacies, and their absence from the list of approved entities is a cause for concern.

Customers are strongly advised to exercise caution when dealing with online pharmacies lacking these regulatory endorsements, which may indicate a potential risk to health and safety.

Product and Pricing boasts a diverse range of men’s health medications, showcasing various products to address multiple health concerns. The website emphasizes affordability, offering a 20% discount on their medications.

popular medicine

While this may appear attractive to customers seeking cost-effective solutions, the need for more transparency regarding the original prices and the specific terms and conditions of the discount raises questions about the actual value and legitimacy of these offers. Customers are advised to exercise caution and thoroughly research product quality and pricing before purchasing.

Payment and Shipping

The website facilitates transactions through widely accepted payment methods, including:

  • Visa, Mastercard
  • PayPal

However, the need for more precise shipping information on the website is a cause for concern. The need for more details regarding shipping times, methods, and associated costs leaves customers in the dark about the crucial aspects of their purchase journey. This lack of transparency could lead to potential issues and uncertainties regarding the delivery of ordered medications.


A significant red flag in the evaluation of is the absence of reviews on third-party platforms. Legitimate online pharmacies typically garner reviews from real customers on independent websites, providing valuable insights into previous buyers’ experiences.

empty profile

The absence of such studies on external platforms raises suspicion about the credibility of Without verifiable customer feedback, potential buyers are left without a reliable gauge of the quality of products and services offered by the online pharmacy.


Considering the need for more regulatory approval, the absence of third-party customer reviews, and potential inconsistencies in product pricing and shipping information, raises substantial concerns about its legitimacy. The combination of these factors suggests that caution should be exercised when considering any transactions with this online pharmacy.

As a prudent measure, potential customers are advised to explore more established and reputable sources for their men’s health medications, steering clear of potential risks associated with unverified online platforms like

  So we can only give this online pharmacy a 25% trust level.  


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