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main page represents an ostensibly dandy e-pharmacy at the very first glance at the website’s homepage. It has got a catchphrase “trusted advice – trusted price” that opines. The range of drugs they trade, their promising prices, claims of premier customer services, and more may lure you into purchasing a drug from this website. Fortunately, we are here to assist!

Domain Details
Date of Registration2015-07-27
Owner CountryGermany, US
Contact Datano
Business Information
Name of OrganisationMy Pill Rx
Licenses, Certificates and Approvals
Customer Support
Toll-Number+1-617-936-8808 (US)
+44-020-3290-5374 (UK)
Live Chat Optionno
Courier Mailyes
Free Shippingno
Payment Methods


Domain Info

The reliable information from WhoIs, a trusted query-and-response protocol of all times, revealed to us that this website’s domain name was registered on 27-07-2015, indicating that the site and the business are three years old. Talking about this age, it isn’t advisable to conclude that the business is old enough worth trust. Instead, you ought to consider other factors to emerge with an accurate decision.



Business Profile

Computer Service Langenbach (CSL) manages the reservation of this business’ domain name. An investigation into the domain name registrar revealed that they are slippery themselves. They’ve ever gone into the bad records of hosting rogue Internet drugstores, and this pharmacy could be another one.


We discovered that this site is US-based. However, their real location is still unclear. They haven’t come out openly to talk about it on their official website either. Hiding is a sign of lack of self-trust – a dangerous game for the client.


Range of Drugs

The pharmacy dispenses a number of drugs, buttoned down into categories as men’s health, women’s health, pain relief, general health, and smart drugs. This looks like a wide range of drugs offered, but let’s have an insight into their quality. The site alleges to dispense FDA-approved drugs unaccompanied by any other. This is not the truth. The drugs sold here have no approvals from the Food and Drugs Administration. This means that they could be from unverified producers too. Consequently, the drugs could be poisonous, counterfeit, and full of side effects. The customer will have no one to blame for this.

different types of pills



Contrary to their promise about dispensing drugs at the lowest unrivaled prices, their medications are relatively expensive, compared to the same from other similar online drugstores. For example, a Tramadol pill retails at $0.70 per pill, which is 40% more than the price in most other sites that we sampled.


Accepted Payment Options

When it comes to payments, we found out that E-check is the most recommended payment method by the pharmacy. Meanwhile, they also accept payments via Line Transfer and credit cards like Visa and MasterCard.

payment options


Delivery Details

A customer can either choose to pay for his order to be shipped via an express shipping which involves Express Mail Service (EMS) or via a regular shippingThe express shipping takes between 7-10 days and costs $10. The US express shipping takes 2-5 days and costs $40! The regular shipping is free of charge and takes an amazing 15-30 days. These delivery costs are very high and do not match the waiting times.

shipping methods


Regulatory Approvals

The website’s domain name is missing in CIPA’s member database. It isn’t, therefore, a licensed business by CIPA. The site meets LegitScript’s definition of a truly rogue website. They do not meet LegitScript’s online pharmacy verification standards. ScamAdviser awards this e-pharmacy a 0% trust level! They further conclude that the site isn’t safe for use. Again, the Internet pharmacy does not meet NABP’s verification standards and they aren’t, therefore, present in their database.

rogue status



Reviews are important in judging an online business like this one. On their website, the online pharmacy has no testimonials, though they’ve got a “testimonials” section. When you click on it, what follows is an “error 404”. Likewise, current customers don’t have a chance of reviewing the business on their own website. This is so unfortunate. It left us with only one option – looking for testimonials from other websites like TrustPilot. There was no feedback on TrustPilot too. This means that the site is using some online service to hide it or alternatively, the site isn’t popular, both of which don’t sound good. However, ScamAdviser has some comments from users who tried to make orders at the pharmacy. Here they are.

some comments


Conclusion is a site that hides their customers’ feedback, sells low-quality drugs, charges high shipping costs, hides their location and has no regulatory approvals at all.

 Despite the fact that it is secure in browsing the site deserves not more than a 15% trust rating from us.


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