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main page is an online pharmacy that claims to have been in the business for over three years – accumulating an abundance of experience. They also state all over their website that they are a “Canadian Pharmacy”. Because of these rather large claims, we felt the need to complete a full background search of this particular company.

Domain Details
Date of Registration2011-09-11
Owner CountryCzech Republic
Contact Datano
Business Information
Name of OrganisationCanadian Pharmacy
Licenses, Certificates and Approvals
Customer Support
Toll-Number+1 (888) 243-74-06
+44 (800) 041-87-44
Live Chat Optionno
Courier Mailyes
Free Shippingyes
Payment Methods


Domain Information

2021-09-11As this company claims to be Canadian, we felt that this was the first claim that we should attempt to verify. Unfortunately, when looking into the particulars of this website, we discovered that this is not a Canadian company. Both the registrant and administration information (ownership) is listed as being in the Czech Republic. This is not necessarily a high-risk country, however, this is proving that the e-pharmacy posts falsified information.

In terms of the statement that they’ve had “over three years in the business”, we can confirm that this is also very untrue. This company was first publicly registered on September 11th, 2021. This gives this company less than a year in the business, proving a large lack of transparency, honesty, and experience.



When looking under the “About Us” page of this e-pharmacy, one can begin to notice not only the lack of information but the very unprofessional way of displaying the information that is listed. There is absolutely no information on any appropriately held business licenses, nor is there any information on company employees.

This company also does not provide any information on their location (despite saying they are Canadian). All of this, causes us to believe that this company has something that they are attempting to hide from the public.


Our suspicions are confirmed when looking into the score of this website on a third-party rating site, like Scam Adviser. On their website, this e-pharmacy was given a score of 1/100, which is incredibly poor. Scam Adviser highlighted that the owner of this website uses a paid privacy service, that the website is extremely young, and that this website belongs to a server that has a number of suspicious or sketchy businesses attached.


Regulatory Approvals

rogue statusAs for regulations and other policies that keep customers safe, by consistently checking the legitimacy of the marketable products, this company has none. There are no known regulations that are followed and there are no documented licenses or known approvals. Because of this, the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy has blacklisted this online pharmacy, and strongly advised others against the use of it. Similarly, Legit Script has this company listed as “rogue”.

This means that regardless of any “FDA-approved” promise on this website, we can guarantee it to be entirely false. This is a terrifying fact, as it could potentially lead to the harm or fatality of a customer, as medicine that has been left unapproved or tested can be very dangerous.


Products and Pricing

As for products, this company does carrying medicines from a large variety of categories of medicine. drugsSome of these particular categories include:

❋ Anti-Acidity, Anti-Diabetic, Anti-Fungus
❋ Blood Pressure, Cholesterol, Hair Loss
❋ Men’s Health, Pain Relief, Stop Smoking

This company does have a tendency to list the appropriate information with each particular medication, however, we feel it is important to once again reiterate that these medications are not tested, nor do they require proper consultation or prescription.


Payments and Shipping

In terms of payment methods, this e-pharmacy lists both Visa and Mastercard as the available options to customers.

In terms of shipping, this company claims that since products are manufactured in India, this is where orders will ship from. This claim is very consistent with many other illegitimate e-pharmacy that we have reviewed in the last while, which we find crucial to mention. Usually, this overlapping information indicates a scam ring or a similar sketchy owner.


This company then goes on to list their two shipping methods, which are Trackable Courier Service and International Unregistered Mail. Trackable costs $29.95 and should take between 7-9 working days. International Unregistered costs $9.95 and will take anywhere from 14-21 weekdays.



This company does host a section of their website to testimonials, however, they all seem highly positive, lack information and a third-party source (like Facebook or Google), and therefore, cause us to believe that they are falsified. We couldn’t corroborate these reviews, as third-party rating sites like Trustpilot do not have any submitted ratings on this website.




In conclusion, we rate this e-pharmacy with a 25% trust level and do not recommend the use of it. With the NABP blacklisting them, the lack of regulatory approvals, and the upfront lies and false information posted, we do not trust this company.

  We strongly advise potential users to consider a different and legitimate source for medications.  


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