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main page is a website from Montreal that sells medicine over the internet. Though, it should be noted that their claims about being Canadian are still unproven. In fact, if you take a closer look at their profile, you will realize that a lot of the things they have said can’t be verified.

Domain Details
Date of Registration2015-05-11
Owner CountryUS
Contact Datano
Business Information
Name of OrganisationCanadianPharmacy
Address22 Boulvar Dr., Montreal, RC B4U 5U2, Canada
Licenses, Certificates and Approvals
Customer Support
Live Chat Optionno
Courier Mailyes
Free Shippingyes
Payment Methods


Domain Details

The domain isn’t anything special. It was created on the 11th of May 2015. At 6 years, they are quite old. But they are not necessarily the oldest portal around. More importantly, their age doesn’t mean anything when you consider the many lies they have told.



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The 1 percent ScamAdviser rating they got gives credence to the suspicions people have regarding their reliability. ScamAdviser found that their low Alexa rank was very low.

low trust

That aspect influenced the rating but it wasn’t the only one. Other notable problems include a history of malware, an anonymous owner, and a poorly optimized platform. ScamAdviser took note of their domain age but it wasn’t enough to change the rating.


Business Profile

The website has repeated a lie that other fraudulent pharmacies have used. It suggests that David and Cecil Watson started the organization in 2002. It doesn’t actually matter whether or not David and Cecil Watson are real people. What matters is that they did not start this company. If they had, their story wouldn’t have appeared on multiple websites. At no point in this website’s claims does it suggest that their internet pharmacy has multiple portals.


If anything, they make it sound like they opened a single online shop that became so successful that it exceeded their physical store in terms of sales. But if that is true, why have multiple websites claimed this same story? At this point, no one would blame you if you concluded that David and Cecil Watson were fake people. That being said, the shop does a decent job of tricking people into thinking that it is a professional dispensary.

They have a website with a clean and attractive design. All their content is well written. They have gone so far as to publish a business address, which looks as real as everything else on the platform. Of course, as you may have guessed, the business address doesn’t have any credibility, and neither does the Canadian flag on their platform. If you have decided to use their services, you can make orders through the website.

Select the items you want in the catalog and specify the quantity. Once you provide all the relevant information, they will process your order in a few days. They ship internationally, which is suspicious because they don’t have the authority to deliver medicine to any country. The fact that they are not Canadian shouldn’t be ignored because it tells you that their origins are a mystery.


Regulatory Authorization

If you choose to take the seals on their platform seriously, you may assume that they have been accredited by BBB, CIPA, and Pharmacy Checker.


But every single seal on the site is fake. If you enter their name in the CIPA system, the resource will tell you that the company isn’t a member. LegitScript has the same problem. It has not certified them. This has destroyed any credibility they may have gained because of their domain age.


Available Products

Their catalog is also a facsimile that was copied from other pharmacies. drugsIt includes:

❋ Cipro

 Anxiety Pills

Their medicine supposedly originates from India and the US. But they don’t have proof. Though, it could be true.


Payments and Deliveries

Their payment options are somewhat wide-ranging and they include credit cards like American Express, Electronic Checks, and Western Union, not to mention Mastercard and Money Gram.


They rely on EMS Courier (2 to 4 weeks) and Regular Airmail (Three to Six Weeks) for deliveries. As was mentioned before, they deliver to most countries, which is suspicious.



Because they have so many suspicious attributes, the fact that the store doesn’t have trustworthy reviews is a damning sign, especially when you consider all the years they have spent in operation.




There is no reason to give this medical shop a trust level higher than a 25%.

  Stay away from this fraudulent website.


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