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main page claims to be a trusted online pharmacy that delivers high-quality products. You will be allowed to buy their products online with a prescription that you can just buy from somewhere. When it comes to your privacy, your identity won’t be revealed in anyway, for they would keep you anonymous.

Domain Details
Date of Registration2021-05-16
Owner CountryIndia
Contact Datayes
Business Information
Name of OrganisationMedsloop
Licenses, Certificates and Approvals
Customer Support
Toll-Number+123 456 7890
Live Chat Optionyes
Courier Mailyes
Free Shippingyes
Payment Methods


Business Profile

2021-05-16According to ScamAdviser, the website is safe and legit to use. The website was created on the 16th May in 2021. It received a high trust score based on forty data sources checked online. However, it is still advised to do your research on your informational details, including your payment sources. In line with this, they also found out that the website hid their identity on WhoIs. They have been using a paid service for anonymous payment methods. Their log-in details do not inquire about your health condition or health history. It is so easy to make an account.

Furthermore, they also offer online consultations that would help you talk with a pharmacist, which is doubtful. Their services are available to the UK, USA, Asia, and more, but there is no basis to prove this because they don’t have a testimonials section on their website. Their domain details show they are from Australia. But their address shows they are from India.


Regulatory Approvals

This online drug company doesn’t have any certificates from regulatory bodies. It is unapproved by LegitScript. Only ScamAdviwer give it a trustscore of 70% .



Products and Pricing

Although this online drugstore has products for:

productsanti-cancer, anti-viral
skincare, eye-care
allergy, and vitamins and medicins for COVID 19

This doesn’t make them 100% reliable. As you view their page, they will instantly offer you to get a bulk order. It will then ask for your information without primarily getting your medicines information which should not be. On the other hand, online pharmacies should only offer bulk orders to doctors or nurses, especially for COVID 19 products that are not available for anyone to just buy.

Moreover, they use packaging that diminishes the exposure to dampness and UV rays. Nevertheless, these are all empty claims if there is no proof it exists. Not even a picture on their website about the packaging is available.


Payment and Shipping

According to their Shipping Policy, the order will be processed right away after just 24 hours to two days maximum. You will get an email and the tracking number, which is pretty standard in other online pharmacies. If you have any problem, you will be asked to contact their number.


They claim to pack it in an environment-friendly and discrete packaging with the stamp of the company of the medicine manufacturer. This once again raises suspicion. We believe that the company will only issue stamped packaging when it comes directly to them. Otherwise, this online drugstore should also put their stamp, ensuring it was checked and distributed. Having the medicine manufacturer’s stamp alone raises concerns. Besides, we cannot even find a reliable review from anywhere.



We searched for various review sites such as; however, upon searching the name of this company, there aren’t any results that were given. Upon conducting our personal review, their free shipping offer for orders that cost above $210 is a lot of discounts, and if it is true, their clients would be sharing it everywhere. They also advertised it generally, which means it applies to anti-cancer and COVID 19 products?

positive review



The online pharmacy is not entirely honest about its identity based on the information above. Moreover, there is also a possibility that they are a scam despite having a valid SSL Certificate. If they are not making a testimonials section because they don’t want their customers to be revealed, thus protecting their “privacy,” they can cover that by having the customers choose if they wish to see their picture or name displayed.

  This concludes that we can only give a 35% trust level.  


Pharmacy Ranking

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