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main page is a Russian pharmacy that caters to the needs of people that require cheap medicine that can be accessed over the internet. They are suspicious, not simply because they have Russian origins but because they have a Canadian name. You see this in stores that want gullible customers to believe that they are Canadian. Legit medical stores don’t play such games. They won’t hesitate to tell you where they come from. This one has chosen to lie because it knows that some customers will reject it if they learn of its Russian roots.

Domain Details
Date of Registration2017-10-03
Owner CountryRussia
Contact Datano
Business Information
Name of OrganisationCanadian Pharmacy
Licenses, Certificates and Approvals
Customer Support
Live Chat Optionno
Courier Mailyes
Free Shippingno
Payment Methods


Domain Info

The store’s domain was created on the 3rd of October 2017, a little over three years ago. This makes the company quite young. A young business is tricky because it has a much higher chance of defrauding its customers. Older stores that have been in operation for more than five years are easier to trust because they have too much to lose. This encourages them to behave.



Related Websites

At 64 percent, this website has an average trust rating from ScamAdviser. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It simply means that ScamAdviser wants you to take care. It doesn’t fully trust the pharmacy, and for good reason. They have a valid SSL certificate which is encouraging because you can communicate with the site knowing full well that your information is protected. The owner is Mikhail Salaev. No one knows anything of note about him.



Business Profile


As was noted above, this company has a Canadian name. However, it cannot hide the fact that it is based in Russia. The address of the owner tells you as much. Admittedly, online drugstores do not always share the business locations of their owners. But this pharmacy doesn’t have a business address in the first place. It has chosen to keep that particular aspect of its operations hidden. For that reason, you have no choice but to make assumptions regarding its location.

If it is truly Russian, as the evidence suggests, you have every reason to reject it. After all, Russia is associated with a variety of online risks. People are wary of Russian websites because the country generates so much fraud. This compels them to assume that every platform connected to them is equally fraudulent. That isn’t always the case. However, this site hasn’t given you any reasons to assume otherwise. It has one of those generic designs that you have probably seen hundreds of times over the years. The owner doesn’t make any effort to make his company stand out, which is why their Alexa ranking is so low. The Alexa ranking gives you an idea of the level of traffic a website attracts. This one gets very little traffic. Because they have made no effort to stand out, this shouldn’t come as a surprise.


Regulatory Authorization

As you might have expected, considering their Russian ties and uninspired appearance, LegitScript gave this platform a ‘rogue’ classification. This is probably the result of their shady operations and the gaps in their information. They are not transparent enough.



Available Products

The pharmaceutical firm’s main offering is pills that treat sexual ailments. They sell drugs that accommodate both male and female patients. They don’t care about prescriptions. This is supposed to attract desperate customers that cannot secure valid prescriptions. However, it also makes this company more suspicious.



Payments and Deliveries

The store has some brand name medicine. But most of their items are generic, which is why they have such low prices. They haven’t revealed the types of payment options they offer. Though, there is every reason to assume that they accept credit cards. With deliveries, they will use one of two avenues:



EMS is faster. You can get your packages in as little as three days. With airmail, you have to wait for two weeks.



If you normally pay a lot of attention to the reviews posted on a website, you should ignore the ones published on this company’s platform because their authenticity cannot be verified.




This internet pharmacy has failed to prove its trustworthiness. It cannot even provide a business address for patients to investigate.

 In light of its many weaknesses, you have to give it a rating of 20%.


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