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common view is a pharmaceutical website that claims to have “a passion for better medicine”. What is strange about this e-pharmacy is that it sells products that generally require a prescription, without itself asking for a valid prescription. In addition, this e-commerce website seems to claim that it services customers all around the world. In this article, we are going to dive deeper and verify whether what this drugstore website is presenting happens to actually be true.

Domain Details
Date of Registration2021-04-14
Owner CountryTurks and Caicos Islands
Contact Datano
Business Information
Name of OrganisationMedication Place
Licenses, Certificates and Approvals
Customer Support
Live Chat Optionyes
Courier Mailyes
Free Shippingyes
Payment Methods


Domain Info

The domain of this e-pharmacy was first registered on the 14th of April 2021, it was updated just after on the 27th of April 2021. During this last update, the current owner of the domain was extended until the 14th of April 2022.


Based on this information located in the public databases, we are able to find out that this e-pharmacy has been around for just a few months. This pharmaceutical platform does not reveal how long it has been in business, instead, it claims to be one of the largest distributors which are very unlikely.


Business Profile


The identity of where this online drugstore is located as well as who owns it is not publicly available information. Instead, the pharmaceutical website is registered through a company called Rebel Ltd. Moreover a third-party company called Privacy Hero Inc. is set as the point of contact to the owner of this pharmacy platform.

On Scam Adviser this e-commerce drugstore has a trust score of 1 out of 100. Such a low trust rating should be a big reason for you to be cautious when using this drugstore platform.


Regulatory Approval

Despite claiming that it is an established player in the pharmaceutical industry, there is no evidence that this online pharmacy is actually regulated as required. We checked a number of pharmaceutical regulatory organizations such as CIPA, MIPA, and CPA. None of them had this drugstore website listed as a member.

rogue status

On Legit Script this e-commerce drugstore is listed as ‘rogue’ due to major failures in becoming regulated and also fulfilling its transparency obligations.


Products & Pricing

On most of the products sold on this e-commerce website, there is a minimum amount that you will need to buy. It is unusual for a drugstore website to have such large minimums. You need to be cautious as this could be an attempt from a fraudulent pharmaceutical website to try and extract as much money from you as possible.



Best-Selling Products

Additionally, a lot of the products lack a featured image. Although this is not a big issue, it does make the e-commerce website look a bit unprofessional.

❋ Respiratory – In the Respiratory product category, you have medication that helps treat and also prevent health conditions affecting key organs such as your lungs. Such as COPD and asthma.
❋ Skin Care – The Skin Care category is one of the most diverse parts of this e-commerce website. Here you can find treatment for less serious conditions such as dry skin. While on the other hand being able to purchase medication for treating wounds and also making scars less noticeable.
❋ Hair Care – In this section, you can purchase medication that helps sufferers of facial hirsutism and also hair loss. The products sold here come in the form of creams, sprays, and also pills.
❋ Viral Care – From here you can purchase general anti-viral drugs along with specialized medication that treats viral illnesses such as chickenpox, genital warts, and herpes.
❋ Life-Saving Drugs – Finally, in this part of the drugstore website, you have some of the most costly drugs sold on this pharmacy platform. Here you have drugs that treat or prolong the life of patients suffering from brain tumors, breast cancer, and tuberculosis.


Payment & Shipping


There are two different payment options provided on this internet-based drugstore. Credit cards are seemingly the main payment method. Using this option you can pay using cards from Visa, Mastercard, and American Express. On the other hand, users can pay using PayPal which facilitates bank transfers and credit card payments.

No information was available at the time about how the orders are going to be delivered. A page called ‘Shipping Rates & ETA’ does exist, however, it is entirely blank. Customers are however charged a flat shipping fee of $30 without any information about how long the shipping process will take.



During the period of time that we were researching this e-pharmacy, we were not able to find any other existing independent reviews about the online drugstore. This is a bad sign in itself, as it shows that the e-commerce website is not widely used.

fill form

On the e-commerce website, there is a widget located on every product page that allows users to submit a testimonial. Yet, we were not able to find any testimonials being hosted at the time. Regardless, we recommend that you do not pay attention to feedback that is hosted on the same e-pharmacy that it is supposed to be reviewing.



To conclude, is an online pharmacy that you cannot trust. The main reason for this is that they are not operating according to the law. No legit pharmaceutical retailer would be operating in such away. This is in addition, to the fact that you do not know who you are dealing with.

  Based on the mountain of evidence that we have examined, we will have to give a trust level of 15%.  


Pharmacy Ranking

We have created a rating of online pharmacies which gained our trust on the basis of their verified certificates, great customer feedback and quality services. Have a look and find the best store satisfying your needs.

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