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We managed to uncover that forms part of the online drugstores that frolics in disguise of legitimate and loved internet drug sellers around the globe! This is a very common act in the online drug-selling industry that needs to be scolded to save lives. Below is a must-read review of the pharmacy that reveals the whole truth about it.

Domain Details
Date of Registration2018-04-08
Owner CountryUS, Czech Republic
Contact Datano
Business Information
Name of OrganisationUS Pharmacy Shop
Licenses, Certificates and Approvals
Customer Support
Toll-NumberUS: +1-800-490-06-18
EU: +4420-4901-5906
Live Chat Optionno
Courier Mailyes
Free Shippingfor orders over $200 (Airmail)
for orders over $300 (Courier shipping)
Payment Methods


Domain Information

According to the reliable information published on the official website of WhoIs, this pharmacy’s domain name was registered on 08-04-2018. This is barely less than a year ago. The age-trustworthiness relationship is a direct proportion. Old pharmacies are always more trustworthy than their young counterparts. In fact, all the online drugstores aged less than a year that we’ve stumbled upon, have always been rogue.



Business Profile

Starting from the website’s origin, it proved difficult for us to locate the actual location of this business’s website. ScamAdviser, in their opinion, concludes that there’s a 92% chance of the website having an unknown origin, with 6% and 2% chances of having US and Czech Republic origins respectively. Likewise, the website’s business name is unknown, and its domain name host GKG.Net, Inc is suspicious. Such trends are only common with scam businesses.



Mirror Sites

Websites with similar layouts, contact details, drugs for sale, policies, and almost all other things are available. They’re known as mirror websites. It is obvious that such websites conduct illegal affiliate marketing operations. Here are some:


There are even more of these sites. This is a red flag raised for the online drugstore.




The main drugs traded by this business are sexual health medications. They’re the most sought drugs online. A record-setting number of deceitful drugstores trade in them for profits, without checking on their quality as they’re always on demand. Likewise, one needs no prescription to acquire any medications from this pharmacy. This exposes the drugstore’s customers to a lot of danger. Turning to other medications, we realized that Muscle Relaxants, Antibiotics, Antivirals, and others, are also available at this pharmacy, though in just a few numbers. The quality of the drugs, the nitty-gritty, is poor. That destroys anything good about this pharmacy. Neither the FDA nor the WHO has approved the medications for sale. Once their drugs are of poor quality and their services are good, there’s nothing significant to brag about the pharmacy.medications



Though the prices are very low to save the customers’ money, one is left asking about whether the prices are sustainable for the pharmacy. In the case of such highly suspicious low pricing, the medications must be counterfeit.



Approval Status

Approvals are extremely necessary for drugstores. This is the only way clients can be sure that the shops have met the threshold of conventionally acceptable pharmacies’ retail standards an obvious thing. isn’t approved by any of the notable regulatory bodies. The pharmacy meets LegitScript’s definition of a rogue online pharmacy. ScamAdviser has no trust for the drugstore as their trust level for the pharmacy is 0%. This means that the drugstore is illegitimate and unsafe to use.

rogue status


Payment and Delivery

Payments made to this business are fast, easy, and secure. It can easily lure some few individuals into the drugstore, thinking that it cares about your safety. Payments can be done through:


❋ Visa
❋ American Express
❋ E-checks
❋ Bitcoin

The process is made smooth to enhance the process of purchasing poor quality drugs. Delivery I’d offered I’m two forms. The options available include an International Airmail option, which has an average waiting time of 2-3 weeks, and EMS (5-7 days). The deliveries are just stories without proof as no feedback can confirm them.


Customer Feedback

Testimonials form the social proof of the quality of services and goods offered by an online business. They are necessary for reference by incoming customers. We were shocked to see testimonials. Some of them are claimed to have been posted in 2015, three years before the drugstore was established. We also determined that these reviews are all fake and common among all the mirror sites mentioned before. They’re there to mislead others. We cannot trust them at all.




From the above information: poor quality drugs, poor quality services, lack of legal approvals, faked reviews, and others, we declare this pharmacy dangerous and rogue. It deserves a 10% trust level.

 Keep away from this pharmacy store, save your valuable life.


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