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main page is an e-pharmacy operating from an obscure location and claiming to be a supplier of both brand name and generic drugs to a global clientele base. We investigate and uncover that this drugstore isn’t of an upstanding standard worth recommendation. Details of how we arrived at such a conclusion are in the review below.

Domain Details
Date of Registration2014-03-27
Owner Countryunknown
Contact Datano
Business Information
Name of Organisationunknown
Licenses, Certificates and Approvals
Customer Support
Live Chat Optionno
Courier Mailyes
Free Shippingno
Payment Methods


Domain Info

Records from WhoIs are distinct that this store was registered back on 27-03-2014. It’s been 5 years, two months and some days since then. That’s the pharmacy’s age. It indicates that the company has stayed in the business for quite long, earning a whole 5 years experience. Usually, drugstores that have 5 or more years into the business are considerable for trust. However, this is usually coupled with a few more facts, which is not the case for this business.



Business Profile


This store gives no information as to where it is located. But, there’s some little information regarding the merchant. The business owner seems to be native to Malaysia. We know that this is one of the trends common to obviously rogue pharmacies. However, reliable sources indicate that the store could be found in Canada or Malaysia with Canada having higher chances. The reallocation, however, remains unknown. This store is also registered under a Hosting company known as Web Commerce Communications Limited. It (the host) hasn’t a good reputation. Only a few domain names are registered under its name and it has a popularity ranking below a considerable average.



Mainly, this store seems to stock more sexual health meds than other types of drugs. The medications are available in both their generic and brand-name forms. Other drugs also available are:


❋ Antivirals
Sleeping aid drugs
❋ Painkillers
❋ Women’s health meds
Weight loss supplements

Moreover, the store stocks more generics than branded drugs. We aren’t also told about the country of origin of the drugs. On the same issue, these drugs aren’t approved by the Food and Drugs Administration (FDA). All these tell us one thing about the drugs: that they could be counterfeits and their quality must be substandard.



We determined that the pharmacy doesn’t really make drugs to be so much expensive. Generics, as well as the banded drugs,  are relatively fairly priced when compared to other pharmacies. This is one of the few commendable things about this pharmacy.


Regulatory Approvals


Here, we look at whether the store is accredited by the relevant regulatory bodies to operate. Here is the approval status by different bodies:

❋ There’s no information about this store on CIPA’s database
The drugstore is a rogue one according to LegitScript
❋ ScamAdviser has awarded it with 82% trust score

The store is, therefore, not validated as a safe place for buying medications.


Payments and Delivery

To pay for anything ordered from the store plus shipping costs, one needs at least one of the following:


❋ MasterCard and Visa
American Express
❋ JCB and Diners Club
❋ E-checks

Orders are sent from the store via:

❋ A trackable courier service (EMS) that takes 5-9 days, and is trackable
An Airmail Service that takes between 14-21 days

Shipping costs aren’t also specified but could depend on the order’s destination.


Customers’ Feedback

The website has some testimonials allegedly posted by “satisfied customers”. The truth is, there aren’t any satisfied customers and if there are, there isn’t an avenue for them to post their reviews. They are robotic sourced from “fake review professionals” to deceive innocent customers. We term this as a fraud. On the same matter, we tried to look for customers’ feedbacks outside the site, an effort that also bore no fruits.




There are contacts via which one can reach the pharmacy’s customer care agents. However, we realized that responses take too long to reach back to the customer. This section is generally poor.


Conclusion offers low-quality drugs. There’s nobody that has legally approved the pharmacy for quality. Also, we can’t be sure of the nature of their services because of the fake testimonials posted and the fact that they lack genuine reviews from genuine customers of the pharmacy. To this effect, we have no other option than rewarding it a 10% trust level.

 Please keep far off the pharmacy and find safer alternatives.


Pharmacy Ranking

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