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Jdv-Dream-Shop.com claims to be a trusted source of medical products of a genetic nature. They work with licensed suppliers from all over the world to simplify access to drugs. They accompany their products with the information provided by medical professionals who have the experience required to guide confused patients through their medical treatments. For all the boasts that this website makes, it is worth noting that they are quite new, and they could not have achieved all that they claim in the few months they have existed.

Domain Details
Date of Registration2018-10-25
Owner CountryUS, Russia
Contact Datano
Business Information
Name of OrganisationOnline Pharmacy
Licenses, Certificates and Approvals
Customer Support
Live Chat Optionno
Courier Mailyes
Free Shippingno
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Domain Info

This website was created on the 25th of October 2018. The domain is expected to expire in 2020, roughly two years after it was created. People generally avoid internet websites that are this young because they might be scams. The best scams look a lot like ordinary websites except that they have short lifespans. Because of the dubious nature of their activities, they are normally identified by customers and law enforcement agents within the course of a few months or years and eventually forced to close. This is why so many medical professionals encourage patients to only transact with older websites. The older the website, the lower the chance that it might be a scam. This site’s age suggests that it could be a scam.



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If it’s age wasn’t enough to scare you, the 12 percent trust rating this store got from ScamAdviser should do the trick. The portal also shares its server with nine other sites whose trust ratings are equally problematic. They include:

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Business Profile


This website is connected to the Russian Federation and that is a problem. Russia is a high-risk country that produces online scams on a regular basis. The pharmacy also boasts a low Alexa ranking which means that it doesn’t receive many visitors. The owner has chosen to keep his identity hidden. The business address is nowhere to be found and neither will you find any verifiable contact information.

The website wants to earn your trust but they don’t want to tell you anything about themselves. So you have no way of knowing whether or not their words are true. They claim to sell affordable healthcare products that are thoroughly tested beforehand. But they haven’t displayed any of the quality control certificates they claim to demand from suppliers whenever they procure medicine. They want you to believe that they use customer testimonials to improve their operations but ScamAdviser has noted that they haven’t received any significant feedback from internet users. Their online platform has a generic look to it. It uses the same images that so many other suspicious internet pharmacies use. That is discouraging.


Regulatory Authorization

LegitScript calls this a rogue drugstore because it has no accreditation. In other words, it is operating without the oversight of any regulatory body and that is never a good thing.

rogue status


Available Products

This company’s catalog of drugs is pretty extensive. They have medicine that caters to cancer, arthritis, allergies and the like. But this is merely what their website says. There is no way of knowing for certain that they have access to this medicine. It is also worth noting that they do not ask for prescriptions. That is not a good sign.



Pricing, Payment, and Deliveries

shipping methods

The medicine sold on this platform is cheap. This is because it is generic. A generic medicine is always cheap because its manufacturers do not have to bear the costs of development and marketing associated with brand name medication. When it comes to making payments, you can use AMEX, Visa, JCB, MasterCard, and Discover. They also accept E-Checks. Credit Cards are normally charged the moment you submit your order. With deliveries, your options include EMS and Standard Registered Mail. While it shouldn’t take more than 21 days for your medicine to get to you, the website encourages you to wait 30 days before contacting them to complain that your package hasn’t arrived. Once that happens, they will either resend the package or give you a refund.



You can find testimonials for this site on its online platform and nowhere else. This is problematic because reviews for a pharmacy on its own website are easy to fake. You can’t trust them.

can't be trusted



Even if you could overlook its age, you can’t ignore its Russian origins, lack of proper accreditation and the absence of trustworthy reviews or even a business address.

 This website gets a trust level of 20%.


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