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The internet started spreading its wings in the early 1990s, and as a result, it transformed the business landscape. Entrepreneurs were afforded a level of freedom they had never known and drug companies realized that they could bring their wares to corners of the world they never knew existed. No one thought that the ubiquitous nature of the internet would give birth to a powerful falsified drug market. The reason internet pharmacy reviews 2019 are so popular is because no one knows who they can trust on the internet. There are far too many internet drugstores now, and only a select few actually proffer genuine medical products. The fact that the pharmaceutical landscape on the internet has become a minefield has done little to dissuade people from ordering for drugs online. In the early 2010s, the EU passed strong legislation that it hoped would clamp down on the growth of the falsified drug market. But their efforts have only produced a marginal result on the ground. Falsified drugs are here to stay and not even the political machinations of the EU and the United States can prevent them from sinking their hooks into the poor and desperate circles of society.


What is Falsified Medicine?

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People use the terms “substandard”, “unlicensed” and “falsified” interchangeably when they refer to drugs, but these words denote different meanings. If a drug has been classified as substandard, that means it has failed to meet the standards of quality that have been set by a particular regulatory body. If a drug is simply unlicensed, it means that it might conform to all the set standards but it hasn’t undergone the inspection required to permit its distribution. Falsified medication is an entirely different beast. The term refers to products that have been misrepresented. In other words, all the information regarding their composition, ingredients, source, capabilities, and identity is false. Falsified medicine is the most dangerous of the bunch because you do not know for certain what you have introduced into your body. A substandard drug may fail to work as promised. A falsified treatment could kill you.


The Risks of Using Falsified Medicines Ordered Online


Why does your government care that you order your medicine online? Why are they expending so much energy in their efforts to educate you on the best ways to distinguish legal pharmacies from their illegal counterparts? If consumers are so determined to buy falsified medicine, shouldn’t the government respect their wishes? The reason governments are so up in arms about the proliferation of falsified medicines is because they are dangerous. They have been associated with a litany of risks, including:

Falsified medicine might either have too much of a central ingredient or too little. A lot of people worry that the drugs they purchase online do not have the active ingredient that has been advertised. But if the active ingredient is present in excessive quantities, then the wrong dose will either kill you or ruin your health. Even if the ingredient exists is smaller quantities than promised, it could still cause harm, especially if it creates a tolerance to certain treatments.


Some falsified treatments have harmful substances that their packages won’t advertise. Such medicines are typically quite cheap and some of them might even take positive steps to cure your ailment. But the chances of their side effects ultimately doing more harm than good are very high. Take this issue seriously. Do not take every pharmacy you encounter at its word. Otherwise, you risk intentionally introducing poison into your system in your effort to acquire cheap drugs.

The use of falsified drugs will compromise the treatment of infectious diseases. If it looks like certain countries can’t seem to shrug off specific disease, it might be because their patients keep relying on ineffective falsified drugs to treat their ailments.

fakeSuch scenarios are common in poor countries where patients lack the financial muscle required to source genuine and licensed medicine. The growing reliance on internet pharmacies and the related growth of the falsified drug market have encouraged the progression of a number of diseases simply because those that are sick do not realize that the drugs upon which they rely do not have the capacity to heal them. In a way, falsified medicine threatens the future of entire populations.

The prevalence of falsified medicine has created a dangerous dependency on chemical treatments. But this issue can also be attributed to the popularity of internet pharmacies.

dangerousToo many people are choosing to self-diagnose. And by choosing to bypass traditional doctors in favor of sourcing their own self-prescribed medicine, they are attacking simple medical conditions with harsh chemical solutions. People that sell falsified drugs don’t reject requests for medicine. They won’t tell you that your migraines are the result of dehydration and that you could overcome your circulation issues by changing your diet. They want to sell as many pills as they can get away with; in doing so, they have created a dangerous dependency on chemical treatments that future generations will be hard-pressed to break.


This goes without saying. People that sell falsified drugs operate out of illegal pharmacies. And as most internet pharmacy reviews 2019 will tell you, the activities of illegal pharmacies are not covered by insurance. In other words, the falsified medicine market is a money pit that forces you to part with more of your hard-earned cash than is necessary. And once they hook you with their poison, you can trust them to keep hounding you and taking advantage of your weaknesses until they have drained your bank account.

Peddlers of falsified pills are often associated with scam artists who will pique your interest with the offer of cheap drugs only to infiltrate your online space, stealing your personal and financial information.


What You Should Know?

You can’t know everything there is to know about the falsified medical market. But you should keep the following in mind:

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❶ The alarms being raised about falsified pills are genuine. You risk being poisoned or even failing in your efforts to treat your disease if you choose to experiment with the illegal pharmacies that sell falsified drugs. You are better off steering clear completely, regardless of the enticing offers you encounter.

❷ The falsified medical market is a danger to the traditional healthcare system. It kills the confidence people have in traditional medicines and healthcare providers and that is very problematic. You can trust a lot of the medicine that you get from the traditional healthcare provider because he or she has a higher chance of possessing all the licensing and accreditation required to dispense prescription and non-prescription drugs. In other words, with traditional healthcare providers, you can acquire concrete evidence proving that their services are legitimate. This certainty is absent when it comes to most internet pharmacies. So the fact that people are putting so much trust in online medical ventures whilst also showing disdain for traditional licensed pharmacies will breed disaster down the line.defective medicines

❸ The most commonly falsified medicines include antibiotics, antimalarials, anti-depressants, sexual enhancers, and painkillers. Sleeping pills also have quite a large market, not to mention weight loss pills and potions that treat anxiety.

Any drug can be falsified. Some people think that generic drugs are the problem because of their friendly price tags. But there are plenty of brand name drugs on the market that has been falsified. That includes expensive innovations like cancer treatments. Do not fall into the trap of presuming that only a certain class of medication is plagued by this issue. You must remain vigilant in all situations and scenarios.


Falsified pills are technically present everywhere. Some legitimate pharmacies have no idea that their high-quality pills are sitting side by side with their falsified cousins. It can’t be helped. Accidents happen and some substandard or falsified products will, from time to time, sneak into the authentic medical market. That being said, you normally find falsified medical merchandise on illegal websites. These are portals that will permit you to make orders without first presenting a valid prescription. They lack all the required licenses and their prices are far too low to make sense. If your internet pharmacy of choice shows any of these signs, then you have every reason to suspect their medicine. If you have even the smallest doubt, leave. Do not take chances with medical products that you cannot implicitly trust.

❻ At least ten percent of all medicine on the market is falsified. Most of these products are sold in middle-income communities. People keep buying them despite the risk because they can’t afford any better medicine. Even if falsified medicine doesn’t poison you, it could increase your resistance to certain treatments.



A lot of time and effort is being injected into the identification and rooting out of falsified drugs. The US has departments which accredit internet pharmacies. The same goes for the EU.

The goal is to make it easier for consumers to avoid companies that peddle falsified goods. However, these efforts have failed to yield significant results because consumers don’t care about licenses or accreditation or even the opinions of internet pharmacy reviews in 2019. Their purchasing decisions are controlled by the price tags. They continue to transact with businesses that have been accused of dispensing falsified medicine because accredited pharmacies are too expensive.

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