Indian Drug Manufacturers


Needless to mention, the pharmaceutical industry of India is huge. As of 2017, this industry has an estimated value of more than US$ 33 billion which is expected to be further increased in the upcoming years. They are one of the most well-known and largest suppliers of generic medications across the globe. What’s more, they are one of the biggest contributors to the entire drug industry. In the global market, Indian drug manufacturers and distributors surely hold a very accountable position.

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Indian drug manufacturers have their pharmaceutical hubs located in the four following cities, for example, Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Mumbai, and Hyderabad. Do you now want to know more details about the Indian drug manufacturers? If yes, then please reading and know more about them in the following sections.

Coming to the early history, the growth of Indian medicine manufacturers was mainly witnessed during the 1960s. Prior to that, the pharmaceutical industry of India was non-existent and India was mostly dependent on other countries for procuring the life-saving drugs. growth rateSoon, the country focused on inventing and implementing their very own manufacturing units which could be used to formularize and produce the required medicines. With this mission, several drug manufacturers came into the picture and the government encouraged a steady growth of them. Next, since the 1990s (during the time of economic liberalization), India witnessed massive growth and expand in their pharmaceutical sector.


At present, there are countless numbers of active drug manufacturers who are producing different types of medications for mankind. Most of these produced medications are termed as generic pills. Some of you may think that generic pills are inferior to brand-name drugs but it’s not the right thought. Please note that generic drugs are replicas or copies of branded pills which should have the same intended use, dosage, potential, side effects, safety, strength, and risks as the original drugs. In this context, if you are looking for some legit and reliable pharmacies from where you can purchase any of your required medications hassle-freely, then please have a look at our drugstore reviews 2019.


Two Advantages to Note


Indian drug manufacturers have broadly introduced two remarkable advantages which are worth to note:

Supply of generic pills across various categories
Low drug pricing

First of all, Indian drug manufacturing process has increased the steady supply of generic pills in the worldwide market. Needless to mention, Indian drug manufacturers outsource a huge amount of generic pills to various territories. In the worldwide pharmaceutical industry, they certainly have a key role.


Apart from being one of the largest suppliers of generic medications globally, the price of these medicines is extremely low. Indian drug manufacturers produce medicines with a low price tag. This has been possible primarily because the drug manufacturers of India have done a comprehensive analysis of their global competitors and reverse-engineered the manufacturing process to ensure reasonably priced drugs which everyone can afford. These are two important benefits that Indian drug manufacturers have gifted to the world.


Issues and Problems


Despite the benefits and advantages of low drug pricing, there is one notable issue that Indian drug industry has consistently faced. The issue is related to drug quality. It has been speculated that Indian drug manufacturers do not follow any stringent rules when it comes to manufacturing the health-related products and medications. Often times, they even use low-quality ingredients to manufacture the medications. As a result, these medicines can fail to offer patients the expected results. According to a reliable source, some of the Indian drug manufacturers have also received warning letters from the FDA, pertaining to poor drug quality.


To overcome the problem of drug quality issue, the drug regulatory authority of India has conducted a thorough survey of their nation-wide drug manufacturers. They have collected more than 24,000 samples and tested them meticulously. Among the collected samples, only eleven samples have been found as spurious and counterfeit. Whereas, all other collected samples are found to be ok in terms of drug quality. Note, this survey has been performed in the year of 2009. Another similar survey has been carried out in 2017 where a small percentage of collected samples (i.e. 3.16%) has been found as substandard. It’s worth to mention that the Indian government and the drug regulatory authority of India have taken serious measures to ensure the appropriate drug quality. For more information on trustworthy pharmacies, please check drugstore reviews 2019.


Indian Drug Manufacturers Online


With this, you have revealed a detailed overview of Indian drug manufacturers and the benefits they have extended for all of us. Now, with the advent of the technology and the internet, they have introduced online pharmacies so that you can place an order for the required medications hassle-freely. There are many advantages when it comes to purchasing medicines online. First of all, it offers the comfort of shopping directly from your home, without visiting any pharmacy retail outlet and standing in a queue. Secondly, if you are residing in remote areas and you need urgent delivery of various medicines, then also it’s recommended to purchase the medicines online for a convenient and hassle-free experience. What’s more, online drug sellers offer better and more affordable pricing as well.

Online pharmacy is allowed in India and the manufacturers are recommended to abide by two specific rules, such as the Drugs and Cosmetics Rules (1945) and the Drugs and Cosmetics Act (1940). Also, the manufacturers are encouraged not to sell any medicines without a prescription and maintain the rules for barcoding and labeling.


Indian Drug Manufacturers’ Association (IDMA)


This association was formed in the year of 1961 and it has successfully completely 57 years by now. The association has members of the small, medium, and large scale drug manufacturers from different states of India. The primary objective of this association is to promote research and development of various types of medicines. Apart from this, IDMA puts a strong focus on drug pricing and drug quality.

From the aforementioned sections, you have already gone through the nitty-gritty of Indian drug manufacturers. Now, are you searching for the list of trustworthy medicinal stores which supply high-quality medicines? If yes, then quickly check the comprehensive drugstore reviews 2019.

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