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While deciding on a pharmacy, there are quite a few data points that you need to keep in mind. The problem is that it is impossible for an ordinary consumer to check all these data points for every pharmacy. That is why today we will share our research on one such pharmacy. Our review will not only take up the details of this pharmacy but also let you know whether you should order from it or not.


Domain Details
Date of Registration2014-10-04
Owner CountryUS
Contact Datayes
Business Information
Name of OrganisationGreen Pharmacy
Licenses, Certificates and Approvals
LegitScriptnot in the base
Customer Support
Toll-NumberTEL: +1 (301) 519-9518
Live Chat Optionno
Courier Mailyes
Free Shippingno
Payment Methods


Company Information

The About Us page of the pharmacy states that it provides a seamless experience when ordering medicines online. The pharmacy says that it is reliable and ensures that the customers can get the medication on time and look after their health. Apart from these claims, it provides very little information regarding the type of medicines sold or how the entire process goes.

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Domain Details

When you check the domain details of this pharmacy, you will find that the domain was registered back in 2014. It means that the pharmacy has close to 8 years of experience. That is certainly long enough.


If it has eight years of experience, it certainly would be following all the rules and regulations and not doing anything shady. That is why, at first glance, the pharmacy certainly looks trustworthy and legit.


Business Profile

ScamAdviser also states that the pharmacy is likely to be legit. It further states that the trust rating is pretty high. Additionally, the pharmacy uses SSL encryption which means that your payment information is entirely safe.

high rating

On the flip side, however, it mentions that the WHOIS information of the pharmacy is hidden. That certainly indicates a red flag. However, instead of letting this be the deciding factor, you have to consider various other aspects while deciding on this pharmacy.


Regulatory Agencies

The pharmacy is not certified by LegitScript. It is not a CIPA member either. However, the About Us page just states that it works with physicians and pharmacists. That means you can get the medicines only after they are approved by the same.

no results

They provide you with prescription medicines. However, you need to upload the prescription. They can help you with transferring the prescription as well. The only medicines that they sell without a prescription are over-the-counter medicines.

It certainly indicates that they abide by the rules and regulations. Also, since it primarily sells branded medicines, you can be sure that the FDA approves the medicines.


Available Products

On the about us page, the pharmacy states that they will provide those prescription medicines which are difficult to procure. Apart from that, they sell medical supplies and over-the-counter medicines as well.

productsThey can provide medicines across various categories:

  • antacids, cold, and cough
  • antidepressants, laxatives

and so on clearly indicates that they have a vast inventory. Couple that with the fact that they provide branded medicines, and you have nothing to worry about.



10% offThe pharmacy does offer some discounts on every order above 50%. The current discount percentage is 10%. Also, it sells some medicines at a discount as well.

While you might not be able to save 30 to 40% from ordering from this pharmacy but it is certainly possible to save 10% to 20% by ordering from this pharmacy. Because of the same, it is good to use this pharmacy for fulfilling your prescriptions.


Payments and Deliveries

The pharmacy offers you a secure payment gateway. You will be able to use credit cards while paying for your order. Also, it offers local delivery and curbside delivery. Thus, deliveries aren’t going to be much of a problem when you go ahead with this pharmacy.

Additionally, on personal care products, it offers a 15-day return policy as well. One thing which you have to keep in mind, however, is that there are additional shipping charges if you live beyond a certain distance.


Customer Reviews

TrustPilot has no reviews for this online pharmacy. The domain of the pharmacy also does not display any reviews or testimonials. That is the only thing that is fishy about this pharmacy. Other than that, however, it seems like a legit pharmacy from which you can order medicines.

no reviews


Conclusion has a lot going for it. It seems to be a trustworthy and legit pharmacy. There might be a couple of red flags, but they are small and ignorable. That is why, if you’re looking to buy branded medicines from licensed physicians and pharmacists, you can certainly go ahead with this pharmacy.

  We give it a 55% trust level.  


Pharmacy Ranking

We have created a rating of online pharmacies which gained our trust on the basis of their verified certificates, great customer feedback and quality services. Have a look and find the best store satisfying your needs.

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