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GoGetRxOnline.com is a Russian medical shop that connects consumers to people that supply generic and brand-name medicine. That makes them a referral service rather than a pharmacy. Keep that in mind before you contact them. They do not own the drugs they sell.

Domain Details
Date of Registration2020-08-17
Owner CountryRussia
Contact Datano
Business Information
Name of Organisationunknown
Licenses, Certificates and Approvals
Customer Support
Live Chat Optionyes
Courier Mailyes
Free Shippingno
Payment Methods


Domain Details


The store’s domain was created on the 17th of August 2020, less than a year ago. At the moment, their domain age is demoralizing. Naturally, that may change in the future. They may accumulate enough years down the line to prove to people that they can be trusted. But that is only if they survive, which is unlikely to happen because their domain is expected to expire in a few months.

They may update their registration in the future. But even if they do, the fact that their domain was set to expire just a year after it came into existence shows a lack of confidence on the part of the owner.


Related Websites

They secured a ScamAdviser rating of 79 percent, which is quite high when you consider the fact that they are young and their domain originates from a high-risk country. For the moment, it doesn’t look like they have any related websites. Though, that might eventually change.



Business Profile

The website is owned by Rubej Global LP. The company’s decision to claim ownership of the site should be commended because so many internet pharmacies have anonymous owners.

However, Rubej Global LP is shady. Their business address suggests that they are based in the UK. But anyone that has checked the Companies House UK Government database (where Rubej is registered) knows that the address on record differs slightly from the address in the company’s domain registration information.


Despite what they would like you to think, the organization is not completely legal. This, in turn, raises questions about the site’s activities. ScamAdviser has linked the portal to Russia, a high-risk country. Most platforms go to great lengths to distance their operations from high-risk countries.

Many websites escape suspicion by redacting all their information. This makes it more difficult for curious customers to identify their countries of origin.

This platform’s decision to reveal its origins should be commended, though their association with Russia is still a problem. While the drugstore has an attractive design, experienced shoppers will find it difficult to ignore the similarities with other online pharmacies.

The owner made the mistake of using the same stock photos that many medical scams on the internet favor. This may put some people off, especially when they realize that the contents are also facsimiles.

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that the owner basically lifted another medical store’s design and applied it to their own platform. This destroys their credibility. You have no reason to take any of their promises seriously because those promises were copied from other places.


Regulatory Authorization

They have failed to prove their worth to resources like legitscript.com that certify online firms in the pharmaceutical arena, which is why LegitScript calls them “rogue”. If a regulatory body in Russia has certified them, they haven’t presented the evidence, at least not yet.



Available Products

They sell a little bit of everything, including:


❋ Anti-Depressants

 Cancer Drugs
 Eyes Drops
 Skin Care Products, etc.

The source of their drugs is still a mystery. The source is important because they operate a referral service. In other words, they have no significant control over the drugs that are delivered to customers.


Payments and Deliveries

They use Express Mail Service and Registered Airmail for deliveries. Shipping can take anywhere between five and fourteen days. They accept payments via MasterCard, JCB, AMEX, and Visa. You can also use Bitcoin, Tether, and other cryptocurrencies. Their prices are low. But they are not the lowest.




They have a page on their platform filled with fake testimonials. The reviews are easy to dismiss because they have the wrong dates. Some of them were written several years before the internet pharmacy was created. They can’t be real.

might be fake



They earn a trust level of 20%. They have made it too easy for people to poke holes in their stories.

  Their connection to Russia is the final nail in the coffin.


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