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main page is an online pharmacy dedicated to delivering prescription drugs for men. It is difficult to trust as although it was set up in 2015, there are no external reviews available online and it has a negative review on LegitScript where it is labeled as “rogue”.

Domain Details
Date of Registration2015-06-23
Owner CountryCzech Republic, US
Contact Datano
Business Information
Name of Organisation№1 Online Pharmacy
Licenses, Certificates and Approvals
Customer Support
Live Chat Optionyes
Courier Mailyes
Free Shippingyes
Payment Methods


Domain Information

The domain is based in Prague in the Czech Republic, although it does not have its domain name. The website itself does not offer any information regarding where the company is based or how long it has been trading for, which does not inspire trust in its customers.



Business Profile


The website is primarily aimed at men and offers a range of medicines, including prescription-only tablets, which are posted directly to customers after being purchased by credit card. There are two toll-free telephone numbers on the home page, one in the US and one in the UK. There is also a form to generate emails on the “Contact Us” page, again not giving customers any clear information about where the company is based. There is the option of Live Chat and the promise of 24-hour support which suggests the site is dedicated to customer service. However, most of the support comes in the form of advice to help buyers purchase their medication.


The site has few images and certification of approval is not advertised on its home page, which is unusual for a company dealing with important medications. It seems to be aimed at men looking to improve their sexual performance, and the only image on the home page is of a happy-looking couple, suggesting that the business wants to promote the idea that it can help men achieve happiness in romantic relationships. It offers both brand name and generic pharmaceuticals. There is also the offer of an app with the promise that orders can be placed more quickly if downloaded.


Regulatory Approvals

The FAQ section states the claim that the generic medications sold are all FDA approved, but there is no evidence to support this and no branding to suggest involvement with any official certification board of any sort. This again generates a feeling of doubt. Moreover, LegitScript rates the business as “rogue“.



Products and Pricing

The home page lists the full range of products available and there is the option to search the list alphabetically. The majority of products are geared towards improving sexual performance. There is a detailed product description when you click on each product, including dosage recommendations and possible side effects. Worryingly, each product information section ends with a disclaimer that the company will not be held responsible should any problems arise from taking the medication. This suggests that they do not have faith in their own products and wish to insure themselves against liability or potential law-suits if their products cause negative effects.


Another factor which leads to a low trust-score rating is the fact that many of their products are prescription-only in most countries and states. However, there is no requirement for the customer to present evidence of a prescription or access to any doctor provided by the company who could generate a prescription following an online consultation.

The site does not offer a loyalty system or vouchers to reduce prices. Nevertheless, a high number of the medications are offered at reduced prices, seemingly to persuade customers they will be saving money by ordering either brand or generic drugs. A variety of options are available for each package, depending on the number of items ordered. There is a table which highlights the potential “savings” a customer can make, which increases the more items are purchased.



orderingThe site accepts the following payment methods:

❋ Visa and MasterCard
❋ American Express
❋ Diners Club
❋ E-checks

Payment is taken immediately when the order form is completed. The FAQ page advises customers to read their refund policy, but this is not available on the site. Again, this suggests the company wishes to hide its intention to avoid giving refunds. The promise is made that medicines that do not arrive can be refunded, but elsewhere it states that free reshipping is offered instead of a refund.



deliveryWorldwide shipping is offered via airmail or EMS courier. The site says that delivery time varies for different countries but does not give any indication of where the package is sent from. To find out delivery costs, customers have to first go through checkout and select delivery options. Customers are asked to contact them for more information, which again suggests they seem to want to hide where the medications originate from. EMS tracking is offered, for a charge, which gives you the option to check on the status of your delivery. Delivery is promised within 14 days. It is suggested that airmail could take as long as 30 days. Free re-shipping is offered if packages do not arrive, rather than a refund.



There are a number of testimonials on the site, praising the company for effective medications, quick delivery, and transparency. However, these are difficult to trust since they are generated by the company. There are no reviews on external websites, again making the company difficult to trust.

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Overall, this website is difficult to trust and can only be awarded a trust level of 10%. The blurred origin of the company and the contradictions made on its website are worrying. It seems to want to hide the true identity of the business.

 The lack of care given to whether prescriptions are needed also suggests it is an irresponsible company.


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