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main page is a Hongkong-based pharmaceutical company that offers significant discounts using vouchers and free medicine with a minimum of $90 purchase for new users. They even offer free shipping worldwide with the company’s courier service. These offers are too good to be true for such a small company. After some research about them, it was revealed that it was a faux company that takes customers’ money and disappears when customers are done with the payment. Scam is all over the internet so beware!


Domain Details
Date of Registration2021-11-26
Owner CountryUS
Contact Datano
Business Information
Name of OrganisationOnline Pharmacy
Licenses, Certificates and Approvals
Customer Support
Toll-NumberUS: +1-800-715-5341
EU: +44-203-318-5981
Live Chat Optionno
Courier Mailyes
Free Shippingfor orders above $300 (Courier)
for orders over $200 (Airmail)
Payment Methods


Domain Details

The online pharmacy’s website was first registered just last year, on March 25, 2021. After this, the site was updated 2 months after expiry; the site’s expiry date is March 25, 2022, a year after it was registered. Most suspicious sites were only registered by a year or maybe a few months before they disappeared. This pharmacy website disappeared instantly two months after its anniversary, which made it more suspicious. It is more believable now that this online pharmacy did scam before it disappeared.



About Them

In addition, the website includes over a thousand ads that will direct you somewhere else when clicked before you can finally use their site at peace and get what you need from their shop. What’s interesting with the said ads is in this click ads site, they share almost everything similarly, especially the main website’s web layout, making it hard to decipher which is the actual site where you can buy the medicine. And finally, the most suspicious part is that the email used by the owner was also used in other sites that has nothing related to selling medicine or pharmacies. Instead, there are also suspicious looking sites that offer and sells other products and services.


Business Profile

We could not precisely establish the actual business name aside from the site’s name. The business name First-Aid-Drug was, however, not registered nor validated by any licensing authority.


The identity of the owner, too, was hidden due to them using a private server. However, we discovered that the owner’s location was in fact not in Hongkong nor anywhere in Asia but in Wales and the site is hosted in Ireland. Which heighten the doubt that this online drugstore is legit.


Approvals of Regulatory Authorities

rogue statusNone of this guideline below is provided by them. Not even proofs were in their site. Even certificates were nowhere to be found to prove their legitimacy and the safety of their customers.

Medicines in Hong Kong must be registered under the Pharmacy and Poisons Ordinance Cap 138. The goal is to ensure that safe, efficacious, and high-quality medicines are for sale. This is required to protect the health of members of the general public.


Products Available

Most of their best seller products was obviously related to first aid, just like the name of their site. In an attempt to appear legit, they also sell common drugs such as antibiotics, and other drugs that don’t need a prescription.


Their product is available in both generic and branded drugs sourced from around Asia, including China, which is known for being the manufacturer of counterfeit products, including medicine.



for freeWhen it comes to their pricing, it is undoubtedly cheaper than most online drugstores offer. Maybe their products are cheaper than average because this pharmacy could be involved in counterfeiting drugs or scamming people and smuggling.


Shipping and Payments

This online pharmacy doesn’t offer COD as a mode of payment, which is typical for online shopping. But their payment options were limited to Visa and MasterCard, which are prone to theft scams.




Reviews from past customers are the essential thing to consider when ordering online. Most reviews I found on this site give it a 5-star review, which turned out to be all fake. They were all generated and similar to other related sites.




Trust is essential to every business. Providing proof and certificates for customers to see is a must. But failed to provide any plus the site overall. Together with the information gathered in the investigation, it has been proven that this online pharmacy is a hoax.

  Based on this, the pharmacy was rated with only a 15% trust level.  


Pharmacy Ranking

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