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common view is an online medical intermediary that helps consumers find the generic medicine they need at the best possible prices. They also offer delivery services. This company gets all its merchandise from Asia where medical products are inexpensive.


Domain Details
Date of Registration2019-05-10
Owner Countryunknown
Contact Datano
Business Information
Name of OrganisationCanadian Drugstore
Licenses, Certificates and Approvals
LegitScriptnot in the database
Customer Support
Toll-NumberUS: +1 (866) 503-48-18
UK: +44 (870) 490-06-18
Live Chat Optionno
Courier Mailyes
Free Shippingfor Regular Delivery
Payment Methods


Domain Details

This domain was registered on the 10th of May in 2019. It is less than three weeks old. You can’t say anything of significance about a website that is so young. You won’t find any evidence proving that it is as legit as it claims and you are also just as unlikely to come across any signs suggesting that it is a scam. This is the problem with new websites. The fact that they haven’t had the time required to rack up any notable online activity means that you have nothing by which you can judge them. So you just have to trust that they are as legitimate or fraudulent as they claim or appear to be.



Related Websites

It should come as no surprise to learn that a website like this which is days old doesn’t have any associations on the internet. Though, it does share its server with over two hundred other websites. A number of these websites have been assigned very healthy trust ratings by ScamAdviser. This might come as a surprise when you consider the fact that this company’s rating is just 60 percent. 60 percent isn’t terrible but it isn’t encouraging either. It means that there is no evidence proving that the pharmacy is a scam. But you should still apply caution.

may be risky


Business Profile


Even though their domain was only registered in May of 2019, this drugstore claims to have opened its doors three years earlier. This raises a lot of questions. Why would the website say that it started working three years earlier than its registration date suggests? More than likely, the people behind the scenes are lying about those three years. And they are in a position to make such a bold claim because they know that the average internet user is unlikely to research their registration information. While their history is immersed in doubt and confusion, it is definitely true that the drugstore only deals in generic medicine. They supposedly investigate every product they acquire to make sure that it is safe for human consumption. They also provide information regarding the nature and efficacy of the drugs they sell, not to mention guidance on issues like dosage. They have customer support personnel that are available every single day of the week to answer difficult questions via email, phone, and live chat. Customer privacy and data protection are guaranteed. The firm promises to never spam its customers.


Regulatory Authorization

The information available at the moment suggests that this online drugstore originates from the US. However, none of the regulatory bodies in that country know who they are. They do not feature in the LegitScript or NABP database. Supposedly, all their products comply with the Drugs and Cosmetics Act of India. They also claim to adhere to the Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Act and The Drugs Order. But none of those claims can be proven.


Available Products


The people who operate this pharmaceutical site sell drugs that treat ailments such as:

❋ Obesity
❋ Cancer
❋ Blood Pressure
❋ Asthma
❋ Cholesterol

All their drugs are generic in nature and they are transported directly from suppliers in India to consumers. The company offers a 100 percent Money Back Guarantee.


Payments and Deliveries

The drugs sold through this portal are quite cheap because they are all generic in nature. Generic pills don’t cost as much as branded products because their makers and importers do not have to incur research, development and marketing costs. When it comes to payments, the options available include:


❋ Credit Cards
❋ E-Checks
❋ Bank Transfers

On the issue of deliveries, one can choose between:

❋ Trackable Courier Service which takes up to nine days and costs $30
❋ International Unregistered Mail which takes up to 21 days and costs $10

The trackable courier service is only available for people in Belgium, Sweden, Austria, and Finland.



Twelve days after its registration, this website had several reviews from satisfied consumers praising its competitive prices, high-quality products, and quick deliveries. Some of the consumers claimed that the company’s services had basically saved their lives. These testimonials are encouraging but a lot of them are vague and there is no way to authenticate them.




It has no regulatory authority or legitimate testimonials from third party resources. Its lifespan is ridiculously short and some of the information it has volunteered about its history is suspicious.

 This internet pharmacy earns a trust level of 15%.


Pharmacy Ranking

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