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At Endymd.com, they’re all about helping their customers access the medications they need, at prices they can afford. Whether you’re looking for prescription medications or over-the-counter products, they’ve got you covered. However, the goal of this review is to check if the pharmacy website – Endymd.com is legit and trustworthy. So make sure you grab some coffee and read to the very end of the article.

Domain Details
Date of Registration2023-01-04
Owner CountryUS
Contact Datayes
Business Information
Name of OrganisationYour reliable supplier of generic medications
Licenses, Certificates and Approvals
Customer Support
Live Chat Optionno
Courier Mailyes
Free Shippingyes
Payment Methods

Domain Information

registered in 2023

The first step in our review of Endymd.com is to analyze the domain information of the website. According to whois.com, the domain Endymd.com was registered on 2023/01/04 under Epik Inc. This means the website was registered some months ago as of the time of writing articles. So there is no way we can trust such websites when they are still very new and yet to gather quality reviews.

Furthermore, the domain Endymd.com was last updated on 2024/01/05 and it’s set to expire by 2024/01/04. This means the domain will expire any time soon and there is no guarantee that the owners of the website will renew the website before the deadline date.

Also, we noticed that some vital information was either redacted or hidden from the general public. This has made it difficult for us to track the location and the real owners of the website.

Business Profile

As an online pharmacy, Endymd.com specializes in the sale of both generic and brand-name drugs. Most of their manufacturers or suppliers are located in India and are FDA-approved. Also, the quality of drugs available on Endymd.com is top-notch with full clearance reviews from local and international drug experts. So whether you’re interested in buying a generic or brand-name drug, they are here to offer you the best.

88 out of 100

Furthermore, when we tested Endymd.com on Scamadviser.com, we noticed that they have a high trust score of 88 out of 100. This means Endymd.com is well-trusted and accepted by Scamadviser.com as a legitimate and trustworthy pharmacy website. However, we noticed that the website has no verified reviews and low rankings.

Regulatory Approvals

Another important step we need to take in this review is to check for compliance with local and international laws. According to the Canadian International Pharmacy Association (CIPA), the domain Endymd.com is not a recognized member of the association. This means the website is illegal and not recognized in any of the territories of Canada.

Furthermore, when we checked the database of the National Association Board Pharmacy (NABP), we discovered that Endymd.com is yet to be reviewed by the body. This means their application is still pending approval or rejection by the association. So they can’t be trusted until proven otherwise.


Finally, to check for more regulatory approvals we took a huge step to visit Legitscript.com. However, the result of our findings revealed that Endymd.com is a ‘Rogue’ pharmacy website. These are websites that do not adhere to accepted standards of medical and/or pharmacy practice, including standards of safety; and/or engage in fraudulent or deceptive business practices.

Products and Pricing

There are a lot of products available on Endymd.com. They include drugs for Men and Women’s Health, Antibiotics, anti-depressants, Cancer, etc. However, you need to read the labels of the products sold on this website in other to avoid buying fake or expired medicines. Trust me you don’t want to spend your hard-earned money on something that looks expired and harmful to your health.


Furthermore, the prices of medications available on Endymd.com are cheap and less costly. You don’t have to break the bank before you can afford to buy medications from this website. However, you shouldn’t allow the price of their drugs to make you lose your sense of reasoning as they are all scams.

Payments and Shipping

 To accept payment from their customers Endymd.com makes use of:

  • Credit cards
  • Bitcoin
  • Tether

However, you shouldn’t in any way enter your private information on this website. There are virtual cards and cryptocurrencies you can utilize on such platforms. So make do with them and keep your bank and private information safe.

Furthermore, Endymd.com makes use of Express International Mail and Standard International Airmail to dispatch customer packages. However, while the former costs $30 and takes only 5 to 9 business days, the latter takes about 10 to 21 days to deliver customer packages.


The reviews given by past and present customers of a website or product go a long way in determining the credibility and legitimacy of that website or product. For instance, when we checked Trustpilot.com we discovered that Endymd.com doesn’t have a single user review on their website. This means there are no verified buyers to share their first-hand experience with us.

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After investigating the website Endymd.com, we concluded that they are scam and not legit. The absence of regulatory approvals and customer reviews are some of the reasons for our decision. However, if you’re interested in buying from a more legitimate store, feel free to browse through our website.

  So we can only give this online pharmacy a 20% trust level.  


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