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Ed-TrustShop.com is a medical website that sells generic and brand-name medicine to consumers that are in desperate need of affordable drugs. From the store’s catalog, you can conclude that they probably sell medicine. However, there is no way to determine whether or not those drugs can be trusted. The site claims to source its merchandise from trusted suppliers. However, that is a lie. The chances that their suppliers are licensed and certified dispensaries are quite low. Their products are far too cheap. And they haven’t done themselves any favors by hiding the identities of those suppliers. This creates room for people to doubt the credibility of their claims.

Domain Details
Date of Registration2020-06-05
Owner Countryunknown
Contact Datano
Business Information
Name of OrganisationOnline Pharmacy
Licenses, Certificates and Approvals
Customer Support
Live Chat Optionyes
Courier Mailyes
Free Shippingno
Payment Methods


Domain Details

If you have ever purchased medicine from the internet, you know that the domain age matters. Websites must be five years or older before you can trust them. This is because older websites are less likely to defraud their patients. They have a reputation that must be protected. Young websites are not quite as concerned about their reputation and they are more likely to perpetrate scams because they don’t have as much to lose. They know that they can just close their websites down and start over elsewhere. This is one of those domains that are too young for you to trust. It was created five months ago on the 5th of June 2020. That should set off all the alarm bells in your head.



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Even though it is very young, ScamAdviser gave this store a rating of 75 percent. On the surface, this sounds like an endorsement. A rating of 75 percent suggests that the pharmacy is somewhat trustworthy. However, that ScamAdviser rating can be attributed to the SSL Certificate which this platform has. A lot of websites in this field don’t have SSL Certificates. This makes them vulnerable to attacks from cybercriminals. As such, the presence of an SSL Certificate here most likely earned this internet pharmacy a lot of points. That being said, the negatives still outweigh the positives. Not only is the Alexa ranking low but the site is associated with a high-risk country.

high rating


Business Profile


This website isn’t necessarily ugly. However, it is quite bland. The owner made no effort to optimize it for search engines like Google. The generic design proves as much.

You cannot help but conclude that the internet pharmacy has no interest in standing out. That would explain their low Alexa ranking. They don’t get that many visitors because they haven’t made much of an effort to attract them. This is suspicious and it only strengthens the fears that the website is a scam.

They don’t have any tangible contact information besides the messaging feature on their platform. This tells you that they are most likely a referral service that exists on the internet and nowhere else. That explains the absent business address. It also explains the owner’s decision to remain hidden. Real pharmacies cannot survive without publishing their business address and the identities of their owner. This isn’t a real pharmacy.


Regulatory Authorization

According to LegitScript, this is a rogue drugstore. It has neither accreditation nor certification of any kind, proving that it hasn’t been authorized to sell its products.



Available Products

If this was a legit drugstore, their extensive catalog would be worthy of praise. It includes products that treat:

drugs Diabetes
 Women’s Health, etc.

However, because the platform cannot prove its legitimacy, there is no way of determining whether or not the drugs advertised in their catalog are real. They could have copied their catalog from another site.


Payments and Deliveries

Their medicine is reasonably priced. You can pay for it using credit cards like MasterCard, Visa, Diners Club, and JCB. The delivery options on offer include DHL, UPS, FedEx, and DPD, to mention but a few.



Reviews and Testimonials

The store doesn’t have reviews and testimonials. This is to be expected. Internet pharmacy is far too young. It also has a low Alexa ranking. A portal that doesn’t have visitors cannot have customer testimonials.




You only have to look at it to come to this conclusion, which is why the platform earns a trust level of 20%.

  This medical store is obviously shady.


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