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Drugstore-Family24.com is an online drugstore that claims to be based out of Canada. Furthermore, the assertion that it has the best prices in the entire world. In total there are two phone numbers presented on this pharmaceutical platform. One is a Great British number while the other is an American phone number. In this article, we are going to verify this drugstore website for you, ensuring that you are not misled.

Domain Details
Date of Registration2019-11-29
Owner CountryCN
Contact Datano
Business Information
Name of OrganisationHappy Family Store
Licenses, Certificates and Approvals
Customer Support
Live Chat Optionyes
Courier Mailyes
Free Shippingyes
Payment Methods


Domain Info


The domain of this e-pharmacy according to leading public databases was first registered on the 29th of November 2019. Additionally, this same domain was updated on the 6th of December 2020, during which time the expiration date was pushed forward to the 29th of November 2021.

The length of time that this online drugstore has been in business is not revealed even once on its website. Although they do not directly mislead their customers in this regard, they do try to give off the impression that they are a very established pharmaceutical retailer. They do this by featuring an image of a large office block with the company’s logo.


Business Profile


At the very bottom of this e-commerce platform, a company called ‘Canadian Pharmacy Ltd‘ is listed. We were not able to verify that this is a genuine company that has anything to do with this drugstore website. What we were able to confirm, is that this pharmaceutical website is registered through a third-party company called Eranet International Limited.

On Scam Adviser, this drugstore website has a trust score of 1 out of 100. Some of the listed reasons for this low score are the fact that this e-pharmacy has offered cryptocurrency as a payment method and also due to high anonymity.


Regulatory Approval

Despite this internet pharmacy claiming to have the best prices in the world in reality it is not regulated by any reputable pharmaceutical organizations. These organizations include CIPA, the CPA, and also MIPA.


On Legit Script the status of ‘rogue’ is bestowed to this e-pharmacy. It is likely that the online drugstore is actively avoiding regulation and also transparency.


Products & Pricing

For every single pill-based drug sold on this pharmacy platform, there is a per pill price breakdown. The benefit of this is that the customer can quickly get an idea if they are getting a good deal.



Best-Selling Products

Promo codes can also be used on this e-commerce website. For example, during the time that we were writing this article, there was promo code ‘Happy’ that allowed customers to get 10% off.

❋ Cholesterol – Cholesterol must be taken seriously, if left unchecked it can lead to serious consequences such as heart disease. Long-term cholesterol treatment can be purchased from this section.
❋ Anti-Diabetic – Type 2 diabetes can be treated by using the fairly large selection of anti-diabetic drugs sold in this product category. They work by helping to regulate your blood sugar levels.
❋ Pain Relief – Pain is the way our body warns us that something is wrong. However, following the initial warning, pain can become unbearable. Internal and external pain of various levels can be kept under control using the medical products sold here.
❋ Sleep Aid – We must get the right amount of sleep in order to stay healthy and also have a higher chance of overcoming diseases. Illnesses such as narcolepsy that prevent healthy sleep can be treated using the drugs sold here.
❋ Woman’s Health – In this diverse product section, you have a number of different drugs that treat female-specific health conditions. These include endometriosis and breast cancer.


Payment & Shipping

There were four different payment methods offered on this online pharmacy. One of them is credit cards provided by the two biggest credit card processing companies, Visa and Mastercard. On the other hand, customers could pay using Paypal, SEPA which allows for bank transfers within the European Union, and also the cryptocurrency Bitcoin.


Two shipping options were available on offer. The AirMail shipping option is the cheapest at $12.95 although it does take the longest at an average of 2 to 3 weeks. Alternatively, customers are able to choose Express shipping that comes at a price of $29.95 but takes just 5 to 9 days.



No reviews were present online from real customers that have used this pharmaceutical website. Despite there technically is no negative impact, you should still be cautious due to how few people if any use this drugstore website.


Even though no feedback exists on any third-party websites, conveniently there does happen to be a whole page full of testimonials. According to our analysis, these testimonials are most likely created by the individuals that actually run this e-commerce website.



To conclude, Drugstore-Family24.com is a deceitful pharmacy website that has been caught being misleading or straight-up lying multiple times. One example is the fact that it features the name of a company that it is not actually associated with. To add to this, the drugstore website claims to be located in Canada despite there being any evidence of this.

  Considering the information that we have discovered, we will have to give a trust level of 15%.  


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