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DrugMartDirect.com is one of the online pharmacies that really comprehend the customers’ needs. Since its establishment some years ago now, it has been offering affordable and safe medications to its clients who are well spread globally. Their staff, especially the customer care support team has been of great help due to the fact that they give a listening ear that most clients yearn for. Also, one of the exceptional advantages is that they operate around the clock thus making their drugs accessible anytime anywhere. However, at one time, this drugstore was once listed as a rogue website. The motive behind the listing is still unknown but this fact actually raises the eyebrows. So, to separate the grains from the chaff, we need to analyze it in details.

Domain Details
Date of Registration2016-21-01
Owner CountryUS, Barbados
Contact Datayes
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Licenses, Certificates and Approvals
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Live Chat Optionyes
Courier Mailno
Free Shippingno
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Domain Info

Domain details of a certain website speak louder about it than any other details because they help a shopper to know and understand what it entails and appreciate that fact. In that relation, the domain name is equally essential. The domain name for this online drugstore is drugmartdirect.com which was registered in the year 2016 by the Rebel Ltd.



Business Profile

For around 3 years now since its establishment, the company has been a source of various brand and generic medicine. Apparently, it came into existence in the year 2016 after been founded by undefined owner. Additionally, the organization under which it runs under is also unknown. Nevertheless, not all the details that are anonymous. Some of the revealed details relating to the website include Port St.Charles as the owner address, owner city, owner postcode, and the phone number. The web hosting is situated in the USA while the owner country is Barbados.



Regulatory Approvals

The pharmacy boasts several certifications, licenses, and approvals from various notable regulatory bodies that include PharmacyChecker, and the CIPA. However, there are no other details pertaining to the approval bodies on their website.

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Products and Pricing

The best thing about this website is that they lay a platform whereby a customer can purchase both prescription and non-prescription drugs at a relatively low price. Some of the drugs include Actos, Asacol, Avodart, and Azopt. All these medications are remedies for various ailments including men and women’s reproduction health. Normally, their products are shipped from renowned Canadian and international pharmacies that satisfy the global drugs standards. Also, the pricing of their products is somehow fair for it depends on the type of medications that a customer may want to buy. Comparing their prices with those of their competitors, theirs are way lower.

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Payment and Shipping Methods

Usually, the payment is done when placing an order whereby it comprises the total cost of the order inclusive of the delivery fee. The accepted means of payment includes a credit card (a VISA or a MasterCard). Once the payment has been received, it takes around 3 days for the order to be processed. The 3 days allows the relevant staff to countercheck and approve the order so that the shipping can be initiated. Normally, their shipping policy extends from the USA to other world destinations. For the orders within the continental United States and its territories, it attracts a shipping fee of around $9.95 while for the other countries they charge a shipping charge of $19.95. Sometimes, the shipping charges may vary depending on the dispensing country. It’s important to note that, for the US postal addresses, they must be USPS deliverable.




A faster delivery service delivers on time. At the online pharmacy, they ensure that you receive your medication on time. They advise their customers that they should place their order 30-45 days prior to when the drugs will be required in order to avoid inconvenience. This is due to the fact that it takes 2 to 4 weeks for the medication to arrive at the destined location. If the order is not delivered within the stipulated time, a client can file a complaint so that the investigations can be launched.



A website’s customers reviews is a gauge that is used by most customers to determine whether it’s safe. In that relation, this e-drugstore hasn’t been left out. Its reviews are well spread despite it being just in operation for some few years now. Their products and services have won the customers’ hearts whereby most are contented with them. Nonetheless, a fraction still thinks there is a room for improvement. For instance, some are of the opinion that they should increase their methods of payments.

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Transparency in each and every transaction is what places DrugMartDirect.com slightly above the other online drugstores. Also, striving to be the ultimate source of customers’ satisfaction is another essential thing that cannot be disregarded.

 In conclusion, from the above review, on a range of 0 to 100%, an award of 55% suits the website.


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