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Drugmart.com is described as an online prescription referral program. They are not a pharmacy. Rather, they connect people to licensed and accredited Canadian and international pharmacies. They aim to make drugs as affordable as possible by offering a price match guarantee.

Domain Details
Date of Registration1996-11-02
Owner CountryUS
Contact Datayes
Business Information
Name of OrganisationDrugmart
Licenses, Certificates and Approvals
Customer Support
Toll-Number1 800 248 5139
Live Chat Optionyes
Courier Mailno
Free Shippingyes
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This website was created on the 1st of November 1996. That means it has been in business for over two decades which is impressive. It is difficult to raise any doubts about a website that has managed to maintain its hold on the online pharmacy landscape for such a long time. It is even harder to accuse a website that has been in operation since 1996 of being a scam. If this pharmacy isn’t legit, then it still deserves some credit for keeping its fraudulent activities hidden for so long.



Related Websites

This company shares its server with over two hundred websites. Most of these websites are very reliable and trustworthy. So you would expect their presence to augment this pharmacy’s reputation and credibility. However, that isn’t the case. ScamAdviser has assigned the medical resource a trust rating of 31%. That is shockingly low, and even ScamAdviser says as much on its page. It claims that it used reviews, phishing reports, and public data to generate that trust rating. It is unheard of for a firm with such a strong lifespan and solid online associations to boast so low a trust rating from ScamAdviser.

may not be safe


Public Profile

This medical portal identifies as an international referral service. Rather than selling drugs, it connects customers to other local and international pharmacies who sell the merchandise they require. Their biggest draw is the fact that they sell cheap Canadian drugs to markets whose healthcare prices have skyrocketed. However, the company actually originates from the United States. Even more fascinating is the fact that a lot of the medicine they sell comes from dispensaries in countries outside Canada. However, the website is quick to emphasize the fact that all its international partners are highly reputable and they only sell the highest quality drugs.



Regulatory Authorization

LegitScript calls this company a rogue internet pharmacy. In other words, they have no legal mandate to sell prescription drugs. However, the medical firm is actually an active member of CIPA. CIPA monitors internet pharmacies that sell drugs in Canada. They only avail their seal to pharmacies that have verifiable business addresses, guarantee the privacy of consumer data and demand prescriptions for drugs.

active member


Available Products

This internet drugstore sells both prescription and non-prescription drugs. Prescription drugs include Abilify, Actos, Crestor, Cozaar, Celebrex. Non-Prescription drugs include Advil, Bidex, Claritin, Ibuleve, Nasacort. drugsThey also sell pet medication such as Allercept, Atopica, Anipryl, Capstar, Clavamox. You need to present a valid prescription to order for prescription medication. Drugs are sourced from:

❋ Australia
❋ Canada
❋ New Zealand
❋ The UK


Payments and Deliveries


The drugs you will buy from this website are very cheap. The medical firm runs a price match guarantee program whereby it endeavors to either match or beat the prices of any licensed pharmacy you can find on the internet. Payments are made via credit card. The website claims to use the strongest possible encryption techniques to ensure that all the financial information you volunteer is adequately protected. However, they do not accept insurance. Though, they will happily offer you a report that you can use to make an insurance claim. Deliveries are free of charge. It normally takes about a week to process an order. After that, you might have to wait a minimum of two weeks and as much as four weeks for your drugs. For that reason, you are encouraged to make your orders ahead of time, before your supply of medication runs out. The website won’t ship narcotics.



This website has a number of customer reviews and comments on CanadianPharmacyReviews. They are mostly positive, praising the drugstore as a trustworthy pharmaceutical service with clear processes and courteous personnel.

great rating



The fact that its ScamAdviser rating is so low is odd. However, it also enjoys CIPA accreditation and a strong reputation among reviewers on “Canadian Pharmacy Checker”.

Drugmart.com website earns a trust level of 60%.


Pharmacy Ranking

We have created a rating of online pharmacies which gained our trust on the basis of their verified certificates, great customer feedback and quality services. Have a look and find the best store satisfying your needs.

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  1. It is sad that you have a pharmacy that doesn’t have integrity. I searched for my local pharmacy: discount-drugmart.com. That is how I found my way to this site. I hope the pharmacies are better there now.

    • Hello, Michelle! The fact is that we review different online pharmacies both safe and unsafe. Thanks for you comment!

  2. I ordered a prescription and waited well over a month and got nothing. We paid $178 to Drugmart.com. I contacted them and was told no refund. I told them I did not get the prescription and was told sorry. I got an e mail from Drugmart saying the prescription was returned to them from California. I live in Indiana so obviously it did not get there. They asked me what I wanted to do to settle, I said a refund and they still said no. I would not recommend using Drugmart for anything. They are thieves and will take your money.

    • Hello, Greg! Thank you for your detailed comment. We didn’t expect them to treat their customers that way. Anyway, don’t stop and try to get your refund!

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