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Drug-24h.com is an allegedly legal Canadian online pharmacy that sells a collection of drugs, medical supplies and other pharmaceutical products. However, our meticulous analysis of these claims reveals that this drugstore is a scam. This is a compiled report of our investigation on this pharmacy.

Domain Details
Date of Registration2016-01-18
Owner CountryGermany, Lithuania
Contact Datano
Business Information
Name of Organisationunknown
Licenses, Certificates and Approvals
Customer Support
Toll-NumberUS: +1-760-284-3222
EU: +4420-3286-3820
Live Chat Optionno
Courier Mailyes
Free Shippingfor orders above 200$
Payment Methods


Domain Info

This website’s domain was initially registered on 18th January 2016. It was updated about two years later on 26th June 2018 after it expired. Since most scam and fraudulent websites don’t last for more than three years, and in line with the fact that this site has a relatively short life cycle, it is obvious why we listed this pharmacy as a scam. More so, the owner’s identity and contact details have been redacted to conceal their true identity.



Related Sites

The pharmacy has links to over 50 other suspicious websites who bear a striking resemblance to it in terms of address layouts and web profiles. In addition, the owner’s email is linked to more than three other sites. These relations to other similar sites further affirm our conclusion that the drug store is owned by an illegal franchise that partakes in an online scam. As a result, it has an incredibly low trust rating on ScamAdviser.

low trust rating


Business Profile

There is no proper information on the business profile of this pharmacy. As seen on their website, its official business name is Online Worldwide Drugstore. Interestingly, this name is not listed as a valid operating title by any certified statutory agency. The identity of the owner is unknown as their identity is hidden by a privacy service. Moreover, the information provided by ScamAdviser shows that the owner is located in Hong Kong while the website is hosted in Lithuania, a country usually associated with high-risk online shopping.



Approvals from Regulatory Agencies

A pharmacy requires a legal operating license from a certified regulatory body. Such bodies include CIPA, NAPB, LegitScript among others. Although this pharmacy bears a number of seals from licensing agencies, none of them is real. The drug store is not registered by CIPA, the Canadian statutory licensing body for pharmacies nor recognized by other agencies.


To corroborate this claim, it is picked out as a rogue online drug store on LegitScript which makes it an unsafe place to purchase drugs.



Available Products

The pharmacy mainly displays men’s sexual health medicines on its homepage and only offers other typical drugs like birth control pills, allergy medicines and antibiotics in an attempt to pass off as a genuine online chemist.


These products are generic unnamed items mostly obtained from India and China. The source of these medicines says a lot about their grade as the listed nations have been associated with cases of fake drugs and the production of low-quality drugs.



The prices of the products offered by this pharmacy are allegedly sold at a discount of 70% off the usual prices of such items. This is a common practice among other rogue online chemists that have been linked with this pharmacy. The reason why this drug store is able to offer drugs and pharmaceutical items at such ridiculously low prices is that it could be actively involved in illegal trans-border smuggling and product counterfeiting.

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Payment and Delivery

The pharmacy has standard payment options like Master Card and Visa often used by legit online drug stores. However, with the various accusations from potential customers, it would be ill-advised to carry out any transactions by making payments to the website as it is not a legit chemist. In addition, they have no valid SSL certificate.



The testimonials on this website show that this online pharmacy regularly ships unidentified products that bear no resemblance to the labels on the package. The drug store advertises genuine products with pictures showing real drugs and medicines only to deliver counterfeit generic items to customers. The reviews also state that the company charges for additional shipping despite being a scam online pharmacy.




The main reason why people regularly patronize businesses and ventures is the measure of the trust reposed in such companies as indicated by ratings by regulatory bodies and other features that indicate that items purchased are safe and genuine. It is rather unfortunate that the pharmacy has a 0% trust rating on ScamAdviser making it a high-risk website to make payments on. To make matters worse, it does not have the required legal certifications or approvals to operate as an online pharmacy. This is enough to show that this company is a scam. From our findings, this pharmacy can only be given a 15% trust level.

 Refrain from this website to keep your money safe.


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