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The number of pharmacies available online is increasing day by day. So, providing consumers with more options is just confusing for them. Moreover, it is not easy to conduct due diligence on a particular pharmacy before ordering. That is why; the consumers might end up ordering from the wrong pharmacy. We can help you out with this. Today, we will share our review of It will highlight each and every aspect of the pharmacy. After going through this article, you can make the decision whether you should order from this pharmacy or not.

Domain Details
Date of Registration2005-06-13
Owner CountryUS, Canada, Ireland
Contact Datayes
Business Information
Name of OrganisationCanadian Pharmacy Online
Licenses, Certificates and Approvals
Customer Support
Live Chat Optionno
Courier Mailno
Free Shippingon all purchases over $100
Payment Methods


Company Information

When you look at the description or the details of the pharmacy, you will realize that it provides you with generic as well as branded drugs. It is a Canadian pharmacy that steps to various places in the United States. The pharmacy claims that it provides no hassle delivery. As a result, when you order from this pharmacy, you can have a completely smooth experience. Moreover, the pharmacy claims that it can help you save up to 80% of the cost. Thus, instead of ordering from an American online pharmacy, it is better to order from this pharmacy.



Domain Details

The pharmacy has been around since 2005. In today’s age, when most other pharmacies are fly by night operators, this one has been around for quite some time. It clearly means that it is a credible alternative to other pharmacies. Also, during this time, it has consistently delivered orders. When you go through the other reviews, you will realize that the majority of the customers have had a pleasant experience. The age of the pharmacy works in its favor.



Business Profile

When you look at the business information of the pharmacy, the address is visible. It has provided its Chicago address. It clearly means that if you want to contact the pharmacy, it is easy to do so. Unlike various other pharmacies that do not even disclose details, this one is quite transparent. That is why you can confidently order from this pharmacy.



Approvals from Regulatory Agencies

It is one of the rare pharmacies that are approved by the Canadian Internet Pharmacy Association as it is challenging to get this approval. It clearly means that when you’re ordering from this pharmacy, you are ordering from a legit operator. At the same time, the approval indicates that the pharmacy sells safe drugs and is safe to conduct business with. In a nutshell, when ordering from this pharmacy, there is nothing to be afraid of.

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Available Products

When you look at the type of drugs on offer, this pharmacy has:


❋ Prescription drugs
❋ Over-the-counter drugs
❋ Pet medications

There are hardly any other pharmacies offering you pet medications. Therefore, gaining the right drug from this pharmacy is quite easy. Under each of those categories, the pharmacy has at least 10 to 15 pills on offer. Therefore, finding a brand name or generic drug is easier. The inventory could have been higher, but the current inventory of the pharmacy is pretty adequate.



This is one pharmacy that can surely help you save money. It provides a 125% price match guarantee. As a result, if you find another CIPA approved pharmacy selling drugs for cheaper, the pharmacy will provide you with a greater discount on the price difference. It ensures that you can save money on the medicines that you buy. Even if you do not go for the price match guarantee, the prices on offer by this pharmacy are some of the lowest across various pharmacies. That is why; saving money is certainly a possibility.



Payments and Deliveries

The pharmacy accepts credit cards that mean that ordering from this pharmacy is easier. Also, if you’re buying above $100, it offers free shipping. If you’re buying below $100, the shipping charges are just $5. As a result, it is very economical to order from this pharmacy. It currently ships all over the USA. The shipping takes around 5 business days. Because you can save a significant amount of money in the shipping cost is also nominal, there is no maintenance or obstacle stopping you from ordering from this pharmacy.



Customer Reviews

There are various customer reviews displayed on the homepage of the website. The numerous customer reviews clearly articulate that the pharmacy is not a scam and has satisfied many customers.




When you look at all of these features of the pharmacy, it is pretty clear that it is one of the best pharmacies online. Since it offers branded and generic drugs, you can choose between them. Moreover, the pharmacy can help you save money. Only the inventory could have been higher.

 Considering these points, we give this pharmacy a 70% trust level.


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