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main page is an illegitimate online pharmacy store that claims to be dealing with men’s health drugs. This online store claims to be conducting its operations in Canada despite the fact that there are a lot of illegitimacy proofs towards it. The online pharmacy has a lot of soothing service promises that attract online viewers yet none of the services is actually delivered. This article will give you a deep review of the scam-full drug store.

Domain Details
Date of Registration2016-01-18
Owner CountrySweden
Contact Datano
Business Information
Name of OrganisationOnline World Drugstore
Licenses, Certificates and Approvals
Customer Support
Toll-NumberUS: +1-760-284-3222
EU: +4420-3286-3820
Live Chat Optionno
Courier Mailyes
Free Shippingfor orders above 200$
Payment Methods


Domain Info

This illegitimate online pharmacy has a lot of its information hidden from the public. A lot of information concerning its domain is redacted. Why should a company deal with medication hide information like physical address, organization name and even the owner’s details from the public? This raises a lot of eyebrows. The only reason we can think of is illegitimacy. All domain authentication websites like ScamAdviser and Scamner give this store a low trust score of 0% and declare it unsafe to use. In fact, they show that the website is operated in Sweden yet it claims to Canadian. The site’s worth is $272.82 which is way low for an online pharmacy store.



Related Websites

This store is associated with other websites that have proven to be illegitimate and have very low trust scores and negative reviews. It is not surprising that it even shares similar URL formats and webpage layout. The sites related to this online store are:zero trust



From its relation to these low trust score rating companies, it is easy to conclude that this website is an online scam.


Business Profile

This internet store has almost no record of its profile online. So far we know it is operated in Sweden yet it claims to be a Canadian store. Its owner’s identity, physical address, email address, and all contact information are hidden meaning the pharmacy does not want to create any public attention. It is not easy to trust any store that you cannot reach. The constant form of this online pharmacy of using privacy forms to hide its identity means that it is the scam that needs to be evaded.



Regulatory Approvals

The online pharmacy is not approved by any pharmaceutical regulatory body yet it has several fake approval online stamps. For instance, the company claims to be approved by CIPA yet if you run the domain name in CIPA’s portal, it does not check out. In fact, LegitScript declares it to be a rogue online pharmacy. This means that any sale, prescription or any other drug-related issue from the website is an intentional violation of applicable laws and regulations regarding public health. This simply means the online store is dealing in deceptive business.

rogue status


Products and Pricing


The drug store claims to deal with men’s health products as well as other health products like pain relievers and birth control pills. The only wonder is that all these medications can be bought without any prescription or diagnosis. Most of their drugs are generic and imported from countries that are known for counterfeiting drugs. The company claims to offer 70% discount on each drug which is very alarming. This could only be possible if it were a charity organization that offers free drugs. The sales rates do not go concurrent with the market rates which might suggest that the drugs are imported illegally or that the drugs are fake.


Payments and Shipping

For this store payment options include Visa and MasterCard. However, a lot of complaints have been dislodged regarding failed shipping. The store claims that there is free shipping for orders above $200 but many people have complained that they never receive the shipments.




It is sad that the social reviews in this online pharmacy are fake. This was one way the store could build trust but it has failed too. Most of the testimonials that appear in this appear in many other fake websites. Checking in the social media there are massive complains about undelivered drugs, no customer care responses among many other complaints. This online pharmacy has a bad image in the public.




Trust is one of the key requirements for online businesses. However, this company has taken away everything that could build trust between it and its customers. Not only have they hidden their identity, but they have also evaded and faked pharmaceutical approvals. It has a low trust score and has even been declared as a rogue online pharmacy. This store has a bad record in its services and has evidently manipulated its customers. We would not recommend it to anyone anywhere.

 Based on the negative display of this online pharmacy, we give it a trust level of 5%.


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