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Are you looking for medicine online? Don’t buy from Canadia-Healthcare-24× Everything from their domain name to the appearance of their website is designed to gain your trust. They have even claimed to possess over seven years of experience. Along with a 100 percent delivery guarantee and a wide variety of products, they have given you several reasons to believe that they are legit. However, their claims will only tempt you if you take them at their word. Once you start looking for evidence to support their claims, you will quickly realize that it doesn’t exist.

Domain Details
Date of Registration2020-07-23
Owner CountryUS
Contact Datano
Business Information
Name of OrganisationCanada Drugs
Licenses, Certificates and Approvals
LegitScriptnot in the base
Customer Support
Toll-NumberUS: +1-800-715-5341
EU: +44-203-318-5981
Live Chat Optionno
Courier Mailyes
Free Shippingfor orders over $200 (airmail);
for orders over $300 (courier shipping)
Payment Methods


Domain Details

The domain won’t put you at ease. The fact that it was created on the 23rd of July 2020 is bad enough. But they made things even worse when they told everyone that they had seven years of experience, which is a lie. Now, you have a good reason to accuse them of being a scam. You should also know that their domain is slated to expire just a year after it was created, which shows a lack of confidence by the owner.



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ScamAdviser is convinced that they are an unsafe internet pharmacy, which is why it saw fit to give them a low rating of 16 percent. The resource doesn’t care about their SSL Certificate, even though its presence is normally encouraging. As far as ScamAdviser is concerned, they are associated with one too many risks.

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Business Profile

If you are hesitant to do business with companies unless you know where they come from, this one will disappoint you. Rather than providing a business address, it has only published a P O Box address. The address is based in the US but that isn’t a good thing, and neither is the fact that their phone numbers are connected to the United States and the United Kingdom. The store has made a concerted effort to make everyone think that it is Canadian.

USWhy else would they use ‘Canada Drugs’ as their business name? They want everyone to associate them with Canada. This is bad for two reasons. First of all, all the evidence places them in either the US or the UK. This contradicts their claims of Canadian origins.

Secondly, a significant portion of all the scams on the internet has falsely claimed Canada as their country of origin. In other words, this platform bears all the signs you expect to see in a fraudulent portal. Their site is a little surprising because it is attractive. But that isn’t enough to redeem their reputation. Anyone can build a professional website. It doesn’t mean that the operation behind the website is equally professional.

If this store wanted you to trust them, it would have advertised the identity of its owner. However, they have decided to stay hidden. That sets off all the wrong alarm bells. It compels suspicious consumers to conclude that the individual in question has skeletons in his closet, which is why he has gone out of his way to stay hidden.


Regulatory Authorization

Scams can fool their customers but they cannot do the same to regulatory bodies like CIPA and the NABP, which is why they never have regulatory authority. This one hasn’t been recognized by any regulatory organization of consequence.


Available Products


They have drugs for most of the obvious illnesses, including:

Viral Infections
Muscle Aches

Their generic drugs are supposedly the highest quality. However, they won’t tell you where they come from, which prevents you from verifying their quality.


Payments and Deliveries

Their platform is supposedly PCI DSS compliant. In other words, the information you provide whenever you pay with Visa and AmEx is safe. They also accept electronic checks. Deliveries that are made with a courier delivery service take seven business days at the most. Deliveries that are made via Airmail shipping can take up to three weeks. You don’t have to pay for shipping if you spent more than $200 on your purchases ($300 for courier shipping).




The reviews they have posted on their site are not genuine. You will find those same names and their corresponding comments on other internet pharmacies.




The pharmacy is filled with false claims, which is why it gets a trust level of 20%.

  We don’t recommend making orders here.


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