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Online trading has taken a drastic hit in the market worldwide due to improved information and communication technologies. Pharmaceuticals are also not left out in this rush for online or internet presence. The basis of online or internet pharmacies is derived from the need to secure customers privacy and create a free, safe and dependant medium to connect with medical utilities. Canada, in this case, has proved its quality and trustworthy objective in creating a webpage for its clients. With the ability to access legal medical and healthcare products, Canadian pharmacies have managed to achieve their main objective of satisfying customers’ needs and availing relevant information regarding medical provisions.

Domain Details
Date of Registration2018-08-20
Owner CountryCanada, US
Contact Datayes
Business Information
Name of OrganisationCanada Pharmacy Delivery
Licenses, Certificates and Approvals
LegitScriptnot in the database
Customer Support
Live Chat Optionyes
Courier Mailno
Free Shippingno
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Domain Information

This delivery medical unit was founded with the conviction of providing medical interests to everyone in and out of Canada. The level of confidence in their brand name and activities levies to a stand of 10% over its current competitors. The domain and brand name of this company were registered under GoDaddy database system and managed by EASYDNS. This website link connects specialized pharmacists and clients since August 2018 and expires on August 2020. In addition, its technical email is controlled by servers mainly, and Moreover, its original registration and IP information stem from Toronto although it is US based.



Business Profile

The pharmacy abides in its ability to provide healthcare and medical utilities to its customers. From its location, it aims to distribute these services to at least 80% of Canada inhabitants and approximately 20% of the people in the United States. Even though its online presence is not much felt as other platforms, its speed in connection and brand name recognition beats other pharmacy delivery websites. ordering processTheir online profile offers delivery channels and contact information such as their email address and admin phone contact (+1.6474785997) to ease information reciprocation. They offer all kinds of prescriptions and over the counter medical products with a few reduced prices compared to other pharmacy delivery platforms. With it being at least 185 days in the market, the website has proved certification and reliability for the CIPA and Pharmacy Checker institution of drugs and medical certification.


Regulatory Approvals

The platform is a certified and verified legal program by the government of the United States and Canada. Through established Cloudflare integration and other web servers, it is correct to claim its legality in online trading. Its regulation on works is a good 100% with an affinity of 84%. However, important to note that due to scam and illegitimate fraud on the internet, purchasers and visitors of the website should be keen to recognize any scam activities, as guided by ScamAdviser.

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Products and Pricing

This online store was created to assist customers to receive and purchase any kind of legal healthcare products at relatively affordable prices. It, therefore, offers readily available over the counter drugs, which do not require a medical professional for its retrieval, such as:


❋ Acetaminophen
❋ Aspirins
❋ Ibuprofen

They also offer affordable professional help for prescriptive drugs that need special attention to consume. These carefully prescribed drugs are used in the cures of ailments stemming from coronary artery ailments, respiratory infections, chronic and communicable diseases, antibiotic-related disease and many more professionally stated diseases.


Payment and Shipment

Generally, all online operating businesses have secured various ways to transact products with their clients. This drugstore is inclusive of various expenditure costs such as weight measures, distance, and service amalgamation. In the process of creating an online struck for their website, they offer discount options for constant traders and bulk deliveries. Their payment options are credit or debit card alternatives, and other money order selections for its clients. Their shipment policies through America and Canada are dependent on the nature of the day thereby quickening delivery for the same day or next.

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Delivery Methods

It is vital to acknowledge that delivery of prescribed and unprescribed medical and healthcare products to other countries as an illegal venture. The online pharmacy has kept this rule on toes with their supply and delivers rotating within Canada and the United States. Some of the options they ensure for delivery are:

delivery time

❋ Mail order, which costs approximately$25 expenditure and 2-3 days of arrival
❋ Airmail options, which are a bit slower compared to mail with a cost of roughly $8 to $10
❋ Surface delivery or Sea mail that takes up to two weeks with an average cost of $7 depending on weight



Being a new site, its reviews are not yet entered. However, its trust score is at a high of 81%, making it worth the risk.

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Conclusion is relatively a good and reliable site when industrializing online pharmaceutical concerns. Even though it is still a growing site, it deserves a 60% trust level due to its met purpose in ensuring affordable and reliable medical and healthcare supplies.

 We believe you can give this site a try.


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