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main page has a name that tells you exactly what it does. It is a website from Canada that sells medicine to people. It uses the internet to engage consumers in the US and Canada. Their name may concern some of you because so many medical scams claim to be Canadian. They cover their platforms with Canadian flags and colors. They also use domain names that feature the country. This platform ticks all those boxes. However, it is completely legit. You have nothing to worry about where they are concerned. They are every bit as Canadian as they claim to be.

Domain Details
Date of Registration2016-11-15
Owner CountryTC
Contact Datayes
Business Information
Name of OrganisationCanada Online Health
Licenses, Certificates and Approvals
Customer Support
Live Chat Optionyes
Courier Mailyes
Free Shippingyes
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Domain Details

The domain age is encouraging. The site was created on the 15th of November 2016 which makes them four years old at the moment. Four years doesn’t sound like a long time, and it isn’t. Trustworthy domains in the pharmaceutical arena are expected to present at least five years of experience. But four years is still decent. At the very least, it makes the store much older than the majority of pharmacies you find on the internet today. You can take comfort in the fact that the store hasn’t claimed to be much older than it actually is.


Many young stores make this mistake. They know that the public doesn’t trust young drugstores, and they attempt to sidestep this mistrust by claiming to be so much older. But such false claims are easy to disprove and they only succeed in painting the website in question in the worst possible light. But this pharmacy hasn’t taken that route.


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ScamAdviser agrees with the assessment that this is a legit shop. It gave them a rating of 100 percent, having taken note of their valid SSL Certificate and decent domain age. It doesn’t like the fact that their Alexa rank is so low, and neither is it impressed by the anonymity of their owner. None the less, it is still convinced that they deserve the highest possible rating.



Business Profile

The company operates out of Calgary in Canada. They have normal Monday-Saturday business hours. It doesn’t look like they operate a real pharmacy. Rather, they act like a middle man, an agent that gets medicine on behalf of consumers using the many partnerships it has secured over the years. The online shop was created by a licensed pharmaceutical professional who wanted to alleviate the strain patients in the US faced because of the exorbitant drug prices in their country. As was noted earlier, the identity of this professional is still unknown.


He or she wanted to simplify access to medicine, which is why he made this platform. Their services are only geared towards people in Canada and the US. They work with trustworthy suppliers to ensure that the medicine they sell is safe for use. They provide a variety of communication avenues that people can use to make orders, including email, mail, fax, and phone. Visitors are expected to create an account. They are also expected to provide basic medical information such as height and weight. But they have assured their loyal customers that they will keep all the information they provide safe and secure.


Regulatory Authorization

Because LegitScript hasn’t approved them, you might be tempted to think that the store isn’t certified. But the platform is Canadian, not American. For that reason, the only recognition they need is the one that CIPA gives. And fortunately, they have been recognized by CIPA.



Available Products


They sell brand name and generic therapies that are available within a variety of price ranges. They get some of their medicine from Canada. But they also use suppliers in the following countries:

 New Zealand


Payments and Deliveries

They accept credit cards, electronic transfers, and wire transfers, not to mention bitcoin. If you want to return your drugs, you must do so within ninety days. Some of their drugs are cheap, especially the ones that are generic. But others are the same price as those therapies found in traditional medical stores.

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Even though they are legit, they don’t have that many reviews on the internet. Their obscurity online may concern some people.

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They have the proper certification but the absence of customer reviews is a problem, which is why they get a rating of 60%.

  We recommend this pharmacy but still want you to be careful.


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