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People are interested in buying their medications from Canada because those drugs are cheaper in that country. The Canadian government has regulations on how much drugs can cost. The effort means that Americans can buy their medications for less in Canada than if they bought them in the United States. is a website that offers prescription drugs at low prices. The company processes and ships cheaper products from Canada into the United States. But it does help to look a little closer into the site to see what it offers.

Domain Details
Date of Registration2018-08-20
Owner CountryCanada, United States
Contact Datayes
Business Information
Name of OrganisationCanada Med Pharmacy
Licenses, Certificates and Approvals
Customer Support
Live Chat Optionyes
Courier Mailno
Free Shippingno
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Company Info

The online drugstore sells generic and brand-name medications. People can search through the site to find the drugs they need in moments. You can compare each product based on what is available and their costs.



Domain Info

The website was established in 2018. The site is fully functional and uses a secure HTTPS connection. It also uses three-domain nameservers, with two being in the United States and the third in Germany.

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Business Profile

The website’s headquarters are in Vancouver. The company also has a phone, fax, and email contacts that you can reach any day of the week. The site does appear to be fully functional, although it can take a bit to get in touch due to high call volumes on occasion.



Regulatory Approvals

The pharmacy is a member of the Canadian International Pharmacy Association. The website has received full certification for many reasons:


❋ The website dispenses its products through a licensed pharmacy
❋ The site also requires that customers provide prescriptions before completing their orders
❋ Privacy is a vital point for the site, the company ensures all customers’ personal and medication information will be protected, and that anything people send online will stay secure

The website is also a member of the International Pharmacy Association of British Columbia. The pharmacy also has licenses with the British Columbia provincial government and the College of Pharmacists of British Columbia.


Products and Pricing

The products on the website include many that you can find by using the search box on the top or by reviewing the alphabetical index. You can select from many options based on the brand name or the active ingredient. Each page for a drug includes details on the following:

❋ Generic and brand name options available
❋ The dosage totals in each pill, tablet, or syringe
tablets❋ How many pills or other items you get in an order
❋ The overall price for an order and the cost per unit
❋ A description of the medication
❋ Directions on how to take the medication
❋ Cautions, side effects, and other warnings
❋ Other additional bits of information surrounding the drug

For instance, you could search for Zoloft and then find multiple options. You could order either Zoloft or its generic equivalent sertraline in 50mg or 100mg forms. The pricing will vary based on the dosage totals and how many pills or other items you order. A 28-count order of sertraline at 50mg will cost $47 or $1.68 per pill, while an 84-count order is $65 or 77 cents for each unit. A 28-count order of sertraline at 100mg will be $51 or $1.82 per pill.

The site does not charge sales taxes. The site also matches competitors’ prices, so you’re guaranteed the lowest price. You can also reorder prescriptions on the site. The site will save your data, so you can get your refills handled, provided you have the appropriate doctor’s prescription note on hand.


Payment and Shipping


The process of ordering products through this online pharmacy is easy to follow. After searching for your medication and placing your order, you can send info on your prescription and payment information. The website needs to check your prescription to ensure the accuracy and legitimacy of your order. You can then pay for your medication with a credit card. The site accepts most major cards.

It costs $14.95 to ship a package in the United States. The site does not charge extra for delivery to Alaska or Hawaii. It takes about two to three days for you to get your order processed and shipped after you place your request. Most of the drugs come from the Canadian pharmacies that have contracts with the site. Some products come from other fulfillment centers run by the website in other countries.


Delivery Details

The site uses regular airmail services when shipping products. It takes about eight to fourteen business days to deliver a product. The shipments are always plain and will not reveal any details. The timeframe for delivery may vary based on whether or not the company is busy.




The website has more than 1,300 five-star reviews and a little under a hundred more four-star reviews. positivePeople say that they appreciate things like:

❋ How easy it is to order medications
❋ The prompt service and responses to concerns
❋ How the site provides reminders to order when one’s supply is running out
❋ The regular notifications on shipments



The site provides details on all the drugs it offers, not to mention it makes it easy for people to order their products. The low prices on the site make it a valuable choice for those who need medications but don’t want to spend more than necessary. is a legit online drugstore that deserves a 60% trust level.


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