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One of the most recently created drugstores is the CanadaDrug– that’s in Canada. It sells both generic and brand name medications that are dispatched from unknown locations. They claim to deliver high-quality medications that are sold at the most affordable prices. These claims are unverified because the store hasn’t earned an online reputation yet. Most of the new commercial websites have a way of putting across convincing statements to attract potential customers. Therefore, every customer should take great caution when dealing with them because others have hidden motives. We looked into this platform and found that it’s not safe for purchasing medications.

Domain Details
Date of Registration2019-04-03
Owner CountryRussia
Contact Datano
Business Information
Name of OrganisationCanada Drug Pharmacy
Licenses, Certificates and Approvals
Customer Support
Live Chat Optionno
Courier Mailno
Free Shippingno
Payment Methods


Domain Details

The domain records show that this platform was registered on 2019-04-03 and it’s set to last until 2020-04-02. This reveals that it has operated for quite a short period associated with rogue websites. Therefore, trusting this platform is risky for there’s a possibility that of being a scam. Further, it uses a secret service that has covered the identities of both the registrar and registrant. The service is familiar with rogue sites that avoid the public eye always.



Business Profile

This store seems to be in the Russian Federation which is a high-risk country. This explains the use of the privacy service to conceal their identity. Russia as a country has several cases of fraud whereby, sale and distribution of counterfeit products thrive there. They haven’t provided a business name or a physical address that can help in locating them. A commercial website should embrace transparency to win over customers. Secrecy hints that there’s something fishy going on in this store. This platform has also provided a link that should be used to download the service app. However, this app isn’t available on the play store and thus insinuating that it’s not that safe. Key details like personal and payment details can be intercepted by a third party for malicious acts. Customer support team contact details are either toll-free number (1-877-275-1525) or fax (1-877-558-5459).



Regulatory Approvals

As the domain name would suggest, this drugstore is in Canada. Therefore, it should be following the rules and regulations set aside for Canadian pharmacies. That means that it should be a member of CIPA. The store has attached two seals acquired from both CIPA and IPABC that doesn’t look genuine. When clicked, they don’t redirect a user to their source. These are just mere pics that have been fabricated to dupe innocent customers. That’s quite serious for a commercial site selling medications for various medical conditions. LegitScript has also looked on this platform and concluded that it’s a rogue pharmacy that doesn’t follow the laws. Simply, it doesn’t meet the LegitScript online pharmacy verifications standards.



Products and Pricing

This platform has a wide range of both generic and brand name medications that treat various ailments. These pills are dispatched from various approved fulfillment centers located across the world. However, they haven’t provided any evidence to showcase that these pills are FDA-approved. Some of their best-selling pills comprise:


❋ Men’s health pills
❋ Advair Diskus
❋ Celebrex
❋ Cymbalta

They have devaluated their medications whereby they sell them cheaply. Most scam websites depreciate their counterfeit products to entice buyers.



This store claims to have a valid SSL cert that safeguards all transactions. Nevertheless, they haven’t provided proof to support the claim. That’s a mere statement that shouldn’t be believed by anyone. The platform doesn’t come clean on the available modes of payments. Therefore, an interested customer can only contact the customer support team for more details. A reputable drugstore should provide such details to their customers to ease the payments. At the moment, they only have regular airmail as the method of shipping for both local and international orders. A shipping fee of $10 is charged per package. The shipping time varies depending on many factors but typically takes 5-18 business days.



Customers’ Testimonials

Most customers visit a testimonial page to understand a store they are ordering in. Usually, genuine feedbacks should comprise both positive and negative ones. This platform lacks a feedback page where users can comment, inquire or complain. Our search for a review on an independent website was also futile. But we cannot ignore the fact that it has operated for quite a short period.

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CanadaDrug– lacks an online reputation that can earn it trust. Plus, it has a lot of problems that are turn-offs to most shoppers. For instance, it lacks genuine regulatory approvals that can confirm that it’s operating lawfully.

 We awarded this store a 25% trust level.


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