Brand-name VS Generic Drugs: Key Things to Note!

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Do you need to purchase different types of life-saving drugs or prescription medicines on a regular basis? If yes, then you must already know that there are two prime categories of medications that can be purchased, such as generic drugs and branded drugs.

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Whether you are purchasing medicines from an online medical store or you are preferring to purchase them from an offline counter, these above two categories of medicines are mostly found. Obviously, brand-name drugs and generic drugs are not exactly the same. In fact, they have some potential differences that you must note. So, are you now looking forward to knowing what are the key differences between brand-name drugs and generic drugs? If yes, then you have come to the right place.

In this article, you will reveal in-depth details about these two medical pill categories that can be purchased either online or offline. In this context, it’s worth to note that purchasing medicines have now been an extremely hassle-free and simple process. Thanks to the availability of internet drugstores that let you buy all types of drugs in an easy and convenient way.

However, not every online drugstore is safe, legit, and reliable. For example, some pharmacies are purposely running a deceptive business. Thus, make sure to purchase your required pills from a genuine and legitimate drugstore that deals with high-quality medicines. For more details about the legitimate and reliable drugstores, please have a look at our pharmacy reviews.


Brand-name Drugs Vs Generic Drugs: Key Things to Note!


In this section, you will reveal a brief overview of both of the two medicine categories. Along with that, you will also reveal what are the major differences between them. Generic drugs are nothing but the copies or replicas of brand-name drugs. That’s why generic drugs should ideally have the same exact dosage, intended use, safety, and strength, and effects as similar to their respective brand-name drugs. Please note that generic drugs must have the same set of attributes and pharmacological effects as brand-name drugs. Now, you must be wondering if both brand-name drugs and generic pills have the exact same pharmacological effects, then why do we use them? Well, the key reason for the popularity and usage of generic pills is nothing but their cheap pricing. Compared to branded pills, it’s found that generic medicines are much cheaper and less expensive. Due to their low and reasonable price tag, they are widely popular among the customers.


Why Generic Pills Are Cheaper Than Branded Pills?

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In the above sections, you have already revealed that generic drugs are less expensive than brand-name pills. That’s why these pills have already gained huge popularity among the customers. For example, it’s often said that generic pills are at least 50% cheaper when compared to its equivalent brand-name version. Would you now like to know why these drugs are cheaper than branded drugs? If yes, then please have a look at this section for more details. When a firm introduces a new drug/pill onto the market for the first time, the company has already contributed a substantial amount of money on R&D (research and development) for that drug. Plus, the marketing and promotion of the newly formulated drug also require a good amount of investment as well.


Next, the company approaches for the FDA approval for that drug so that it can be commercially available to all. But, by the time, the drug receives FDA approval, the pharmaceutical company has most probably spent a huge expense and plenty of time. To cope up with this enormous cost and time, the pharmaceutical company is then provided patent protection. A patent is granted so that the company that has actually developed the drug will get an exclusive right to sell the drug in the market as long as the patent is valid. Typically, the patent can be in effect for up to twenty years.

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Now, once the patent expires, more drugmakers can now apply to the FDA so that they can make a generic copy of the original drug and sell it onto the market. In this way, the generic versions of the drug come into the market. Thus, you can clearly understand the quality and effects of a generic pill must be the same as its original version.

But, when it comes to making generic pills, the companies do not require the initial startup costs for development as the formulation is already ready and approved by the FDA. That’s why these drugs are sold at a much cheaper rate to the market. Plus, when multiple companies start making and selling the generic drugs of the same branded pill, the price is further kept down to bear the competition.


Are Generic Pills and Branded Pills Same?

Yes, generic pills and branded pills must be the same as per their active ingredient contents. Note, generic drugs should have exactly similar active ingredients as the brand-name versions. But, the contents of inactive ingredients can be different. The contents of inactive ingredients include fillers, dyes, and coatings. Plus, the colors and flavors of generic versions can be quite different than a branded drug.


Generic Drugs – Know Its Pros and Cons

Coming to the pros of generic drugs, they are quite cheap and they offer the exact same pharmacological effects. But, there are some cons that you must take a look too. Inactive ingredient contents of a generic pill can cause tolerability problems. Plus, these inactive ingredient contents may even result in an allergic reaction as well.



There is a misconception that generic drugs are produced in poor-quality facilities and their quality is quite inferior. This is not always the case! But, sometimes, it has been found that the generic pills are counterfeit and low-quality. To avoid the above issues, you are recommended medicines from such a pharmacy is legit and certified by regulatory agencies. So, are you now searching for such legit and reliable drugstores where you can place an order? If yes, then quickly check our pharmacy reviews.

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