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main page runs an online pharmacy that claims to serve you at its best, allegedly offering you the highest of quality products and services. It insists on having valued your safety, quality as well as their reputation and that this is what makes them offer the best you “can’t” find elsewhere. However, ideally, no business will ever market itself as “poor” in terms of what it offers, therefore, the need of an honest review like this one which uncovers that the drugstore isn’t worth your business. This is yet another rogue victim of fake medications and even more scary things that you’ll discover as you peruse through.

Domain Details
Date of Registration2017-02-04
Owner CountryRussia, US
Contact Datano
Business Information
Name of OrganisationBlauwePil
Licenses, Certificates and Approvals
Customer Support
Live Chat Optionno
Courier Mailyes
Free Shippingfree Standard Airmail Service for all orders over $150
Payment Methods


Domain Details

On its profile in the records that we went through on WhoIs, it is made clear that the drugstore is merely two years and a few months old. For a pharmacy, that falls within the “danger zone” age of pharmacies (below 5 years). Just to explain this, trust for pharmacies below five years of age is usually in vain as most have been determined to defraud unsuspecting clients. Further, it’s a lifetime, judged by the difference between when it was registered and when the registration will expire is barely 3 years. A notable observation across many defraud-and-get-lost online pharmacies is such short life spans. Who knows? Maybe it’ll get away with all profiles and their details when the expiry date reaches, carrying away all the cash for pending orders.2017-02-04


Business Profile

Those around a business plays a big role in building its profile. For this pharmacy, we only found details about its owner who goes by the name Grigorev Maksim and is Russian by origin. Details about the organization it belongs to were missing as a result of having been hidden. Also, “Registrar R01 LLC” is the company’s host but has a very poor profile with regard to its hosting history.



About Products


For your information, only generic drugs are offered by the online pharmacy. And, the generics are stocked in bulk, most of which are sexual health medications. If you meet a pharmacy that concentrates more on such types of drugs, start retreating your trust. These are the drugs sold by most illegal stores online as they are very popular and most people like buying them online. Their source is also not clear, though ScamAdviser lists the countries that do business with the pharmacy as Russia, the United States, and the Netherlands. Buying drugs whose source isn’t clear puts you at an inevitable risk. Keep off such a deal. To certifications, the drugs have not been passed through any regulatory body in any of the three countries for verification of standards. So, chances are that they could be products of smuggling or counterfeit drugs. Even both can apply. Pricing is a bit fair at this pharmacy. The generics are much affordable, only for that their quality is compromised.


Regulatory Approvals


After checking across all the major licensed regulatory organizations in the 3 countries stated before, we discovered the illegality of this pharmacy. Have a look too for yourself:

❋ MHRA’s database says it’s got no information on the pharmacy
❋ ScamAdviser has a zero trust rating for this website, claiming it isn’t a safe one to visit
❋ LegitScript on their part sees that the drugstore is a rogue one, having not met their minimum certification criteria


Payment & Delivery


Though some of the details about its delivery policy are written in a strange language probably spoken in the Netherlands, Google couldn’t translate it so that we read more about it. Nevertheless, these are the details we managed to fish out from the FAQ section. There are only two shipping service providers:


❋ Express International Mail

❋ Standard International Airmail

Express International Mail orders are accompanied by a tracking number (not guaranteed though), takes between 5-9 days to arrive and costs $30. Standard International Airmail has no tracking number, takes between 10-21 days to arrive and costs only $10. Payments are secure and credit cards are the only acceptable options for making the payments.


Customers’ Testimonials

Due to the business’s unpopularity and tender age, testimonials aren’t available for it in the external review sites. Or, they could be available but are breached by the company to keep them off customers’ sight. On the site itself, we saw some comments that are fake for sure. There’s no valid proof of actual delivery of services.

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We well said that the pharmacy isn’t worth your business and trust. Hope you got the point clearer by reading through this review pals. It is safe to stay away from it. It’s even safer to find better alternatives.

 We conclude by declaring a trust level of 25% to


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