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main page is a website for selling drugs. The online pharmacy is based in the US although the original location is unknown. The website has been active for 7 years. The website has a wide range of drugs. However, this is not a trusted online pharmacy. Below are the reasons why we consider the website as a scam.

Domain Details
Date of Registration2011-07-09
Owner Countryunknown, US
Contact Datano
Business Information
Name of OrganisationAtlantic Drugs Online
Licenses, Certificates and Approvals
Customer Support
Live Chat Optionno
Courier Mailyes
Free Shippingno
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Domain Details


Our efforts to locate the website’s physical location has met a dead end. The website does not provide any contact details which is an indication that the website is conducting a cheeky business. More so, the website’s owner, administrator and the organization behind are unknown.

They have changed their DNS from one host to another. Also, a secondary DNS was added and later removed from the website’s DNSes. The website has been running for 7 years but the website’s name server was only active from 2013 to 2014.


Business Profile

The website host origin is Canada. However, there is no other information available on the exact location of the website. More so, the website does not have a physical address for its store, which indicates the whole online pharmacy business is a scam. The website’s host information clearly indicates that the only available detail about the website is only the website’s URL. The absence of additional information about the online pharmacy is because the business is rogue.

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The pharmacy is not listed as certified in any of the pharmacy regulatory board. Pharmacy regulations control the operations of pharmacies. If a pharmacy is not listed, it means that the website is not recognized as a certified pharmacy. For this reason, this is not a legitimate pharmacy. It is advisable for the general public to refrain from purchasing drugs from this website.

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Available Products

The drugstore has a variety of drugs including sleeping aids, pain reliefs, birth control, and antibiotics. However, the website sells anti-fungus drugs online, contrary to the rules and regulations of pharmacies which indicate that such drugs should only be prescribed by a medical practitioner after performing a medical test. The selling of such drugs is common with rogue pharmacies such as this one.

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Payment Methods

The website uses credit cards as the only payment method. The website indicates that they have a money back guarantee but the truth is that they don refund money to their customers. There have been reported cases about credit card fraud. The website does not support other methods of payment such as PayPal.

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Quality of Services

According to the website, they offer shipping services to its customers. However, there is no single record of a delivery that reached its destiny. Customers who tried to contact the helpdesk report to have received no response regarding their purchase or the delivery. The poor quality of service has made the website have a very low trust rating. It is recommended to stay away from the website.

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There are no testimonials on their website even though the website has been running for 7 years. Being an online pharmacy, it ought to have done a lot of sales, considering the wide variety of drugs. The duration that the website has been active is enough to have interacted with quite a number of customers. In turn, the customers would rate the website. The absence of review on the website clearly shows that there is no business going on with the company. This can be explained by the fact that this is a rogue online pharmacy. Therefore, it would be unwise to try an online business without a positive history. The credibility and trustworthiness of the website are greatly lowered.

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When buying goods and products from an online shop, it is advisable to first check the trust rating, customer review and the general information about the shop. Most rogue online businesses have low ratings and have suspicious activities. Rogue online pharmacies such as selling often sell medicine that otherwise should not be sold without proper advice from a doctor. Evidently, the pharmacy is not registered which makes it risky to buy drugs from it. We have awarded a trust level of 20% to the website.

 We advise everyone to totally avoid making purchases from the website.


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