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main page appears and tries to pose as an internet pharmaceutical distribution site but is all but that. They claim to offer all sorts of medications and things of that nature but they are honestly just some third world type of people trying to make a few dollars off of other people’s hard earned cash and time. So before we get too into this review, you can go ahead and not waste your time if you’d like to exit now or you can hang around and view the details and proofs of the truth of this scamming group.

Domain Details
Date of Registration2011-06-15
Owner CountryRussia, USA, Netherlands
Contact Datano
Business Information
Name of OrganisationAtlantic Drugstore
Licenses, Certificates and Approvals
Customer Support
Live Chat Optionno
Courier Mailno
Free Shippingno
Payment Methods


Domain Info

Though the site was registered over 7 years ago, on 15th June 2011, which is odd for a scam site to be around that long, it is because of the relatively low level of traffic that comes into that site and an even lower percentage of that uses them and reports them as being fraudulent.

The site is likely a rogue pharmacy, which means that it will only be around until they make enough cash for them to start a new scam site with some profit left over or they continue to burn bridges until they are finally shut down by webmasters or government officials for being as fraudulent as they are.



Related Sites

All of the sites that are associated and related to this one all have a low level of trust rating according to ScamAdviser. Do not invest your money into a site like this or any that may be associated with something like this. This site and it is associated and related sites have been marked for scamming and fraudulent activity before and therefore should be ducked, dodged, and avoided. If you are not afraid to lose your cash and credit card or bank account information, you can give them a try.

threat listed


Business Profile

The domain is registered out of the Russian Federation and that right there is a good sign that it is a fraudulent and untrustworthy site because there is a very high percentage of fraudulent activity and fake marketing websites that come out of the Russian Federation.

This site does not contain any certifications that are verifiable through any big market pharmacy verifiers and thus should again be avoided at all costs unless if you are looking to lose your bank account and credit card information, possibly even more if you are not careful and hang tight to your precious information.



Approvals from Regulatory Agencies

All regulatory agencies are denying the fact that this website is approved by them so that in itself is a 100% indication that this site is fraudulent and a scam to steal your precious information and your hard earned money. Please be aware that if you come across an agency that says otherwise, you should do a thorough search via a search engine to ensure that that agency website itself is not also a fake as well, which is more than likely will be so. LegitScript is also against this saying stating that it is a pure scam and an information snatcher. Don’t get your information snatched. Be alert and don’t let these scam artists get you with a little bit of fancy code that has been copied and pasted into many different websites for their profit and evil ways.

rogue status


Available Products

While this section is called “Available le Products”, that in itself is an oxymoron because none of the products are actually available. I should label this section as “Products claiming to be available” but this is my typical format for a research project on this sort of subject and for these kinds of pharmacies. Products that they claim to be available range from men’s health products, narcotics, herbal remedies, diabetes medication, and so on. If you are smart and have read my previous writings you will greatly understand that this is far from the truth and that site is to be avoided at all costs.

pills for men


Payments, Shipping, and Deliveries

The drugstore claims to offer worldwide shipping. Orders are sent from the Indian manufacturer. They use International Unregistered Mail and the delivery takes about 2-3 weeks. Besides, there is EMS and in this case, the delivery takes 10 days.

payment options

Payments can be made by major credit cards as they like to try to steal as much information in any way that they can. You can call them and talk to them personally one on one, but they probably don’t answer their phone or even have a real phone number because if they did then anyone who was unfortunate enough to fall victim to their scamming ways has been trying to blow their phone up for the last 7 years.

delivery details



Unfortunately, we couldn’t find any customer feedback on the Internet. Moreover, the website itself placed fake good reviews to their section for testimonials. This fact can mean that the online pharmacy tries to hide their bad reputation and doesn’t want customers to see the real story.

fake reviews



In conclusion, we give this site a 10% trust level because of the fact that ScamAdviser and LegitScript are against them, but give them the slightest amount of credit for being to remain an active part of the internet and Google’s search engine among others for so long.

 We recommend not to take risks and avoid this online business.


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