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Verifying and online pharmacy is the first important thing that one should do before buying medical drugs online. It is important to note that not all online drug stores are approved to deal with pharmaceutical drugs. Pharmaceutical drugs should be purchased from an accredited source to avoid the risks that result from buying counterfeit medicines. Any online drugstore that looks legit could be a scam or a rogue site operated by criminals. It is essential to research the reputation of a drugstore before purchasing from online drugstores. The following is a review of an online drugstore known as 24Apoteket.eu.

Domain Details
Date of Registration2010
Owner CountryUS
Contact Datano
Business Information
Name of Organisation24-Apoteket
Licenses, Certificates and Approvals
Customer Support
Live Chat Optionno
Courier Mailyes
Free Shippingfor orders over $150
Payment Methods


Domain Information

According to ScamAdviser, the online drugstore’s domain is being hosted in the U.S., but the website claims to be founded in Scandinavia. Their monthly revenue is $379 according to statistics by ScamAdviser. The site was established in the year 2010 and has been operating for nine years. Apart from this information, there is a missing link on who or which company owns the website, which seems to be an issue. The anonymity of the website administrator and owner suggests that the website could be a phishing site.

is not recommended


Products and Pricing

The online drugstore offers a variety of pharmaceutical drugs for the treatment of different illnesses. From:


❋ Drug addiction
❋ Prescription drugs
❋ Antibiotics
❋ Sexually transmitted diseases
Chronic health conditions etc.

The surprising this is that the website offers these drugs at an incredibly low price. Their pricing ranges from $0.97 to $200, but most drugs do not go above $2 pricing. The website has a search bar where customers can search the drug they intend to purchase.


Business Profile

The website has been in the pharmaceutical industry for nine years. Their primary business is selling medical drugs online and claims to be based in Scandinavia. All the products on the website are sourced from India, but there is no proof that any Indian drug and Cosmetic Act accredit the site. The drugstore claims to comply with the Drugs Act of India (1940), but there is no seal to verify this. Although regulatory bodies such as FDA should certify the website, it claims that their supplier is verified to guarantee the safety of their products.



Regulatory Approvals

Any legit online drugstore should have seals of accreditation from pharmaceutical regulatory agencies which can include VIPPS, FDA, and NABP. The drugstore does not have any seal of certification, which questions its legitimacy. The concern is that the website deals in a variety of pharmaceutical drugs and thus requires certification to prove that the medicines are legit and safe for use. Another fact is that the website is open for everyone to buy without a prescription, which is medically unethical.

rogue status


Delivery Details

The customer selects that drug of their choice from the website’s product page and then proceeds to a page where they fill in their delivery address. The customer has to fill in their name, contact information, delivery address, country, and city. Details filled in here will be used when the product bought is being delivered to reach the customer. All orders are delivered within 2 to 14 business days according to the location of the customer.



Payment Methods

The website accepts a variety of payment methods on their site. Once the checkout process is initiated, the customer is directed to a page where they get to choose their preferred method of payment. Payment methods include:

❋ Bitcoin
❋ MasterCard


Shipping Methods

First-time customers get free shipping of their products on this website. Other customers pay some cash for shipping their products to their location. Worldwide shipping methods are available, including direct postage, which takes less time to arrive. Other available options are the standard delivery, which takes 2-7 days to arrive at the customer’s location.




The website seems quite disorganized and may be difficult for a first time customer to navigate. Essential information such as a prescription for drugs sold is missing, which is unsafe for customers who do not have a doctor’s prescription. One of the things to be considered when buying from this website is that the owners are anonymous and that it does not have any regulatory approval from any recognized pharmaceutical agency. Considering these facts and that the website has only one customer comment on their services, the site receives a 15% trust level.

one comment



Online medical drug stores should ensure to follow the necessary guidelines to verify their legitimacy. Some of these include having regulatory seals on the website and ensuring that customers leave user feedback and reviews after receiving and using their drugs.

 This site seems illegitimate, and customers should be extra careful before purchasing from this drug store.


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