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Otc-Ed-Pills-Online.com is a Canadian online pharmacy that claims to offer quality and affordable medication. This site claims to offer medicinal drugs, advice, and guidance on health matters. Most online businesses prove to their customers by offering quality goods and also quality delivery services. Otc-Ed-Pills-Online.com has some of the features of a legal business but these are made to lure those who are not careful as this online pharmacy site is one of the rogue sites customers should keep off from.

Domain Details
Date of Registration2017-12-04
Owner Countryunknown
Contact Datano
Business Information
Name of Organisation№1 Canadian Pharmacy
Licenses, Certificates and Approvals
Customer Support
Live Chat Optionno
Courier Mailyes
Free Shippingon all orders above $200
Payment Methods


Domain Information

The No1 Canadian Pharmacy website was created on 2017-12-04 and was also updated in 2019 and 2020 which means the domain expires after every year. This is a feature associated with many scam sites as their domains always expire after a year. According to WhoIs, this company was registered in the Netherlands but on their website, they claim it operates in Canada which means this is a site not trust as they even contradict the customers about their location. Much information about the website is retarded to privacy. This gives more doubts on the legality and trustworthiness of this site as many rogue sites hide their identity.



Business Profile

According to their website, this business goes by the name No1 Canadian Pharmacy. The owner of this site is not established as according to WhoIs, the owner’s name is retarded to privacy. This situation leaves prospective customers in doubts about the legality of this site as many rogue sites also hide the owner’s names. This business involves two countries which gives doubt on the actual location of the business.



Regulatory Approvals

Pharmacies in Canada operate under strict rules which are regulated by several legal institutions like NABP, CIPA, and other institutions. This ensures that these pharmacies meet the requirements and operate under the set rules and regulations. According to CIPA, the pharmacy website does not appear to its database. This gives a clear indication that this site could be a rogue one and customers should avoid it. This site has also been flagged rogue by LegitScript and also ScamAdviser states that it is a highly risky site and customers should be highly careful while interacting with it.



Products and Pricing

The pharmacy offers a variety of drugs. These drugs include muscle relaxants, sleeping aids, weight loss pills, herbals, and some antibiotics. On this site, it is easy to notice that most of the drugs they store are commonly abused drugs hence this shows how rogue this site may be. The source countries of the drugs offered include India and China which are countries mostly involved with counterfeit products hence this gives the customer doubts on the quality of drugs offered on this site. This site offers discounts of up to 70% of their actual prices. This kind of offer is shocking for a business whos aim is to make a profit.



Payment and Shipping


This site accepts various payment methods for their goods. These methods include:

❋ Visa
❋ MasterCard

This site does not have an SSL certificate and this makes this site insecure to deal with. This site claims to offer shipping for 3-4 business days which is impossible as the fastest means can deliver for up to 14 days early. This contradicts their policy and this may confuse the customers. This may also mean that some of the goods ordered are never delivered or the customer gets frustrated by irregular delivery methods. It is advisable not to make any payments to this site as there are many claims about this site from customers who made their payments but goods were never delivered.



All the reviews in this site are positive that are not ethical for business as most of the businesses have one or a few cases of unsatisfied customers. This may indicate that the reviewers in this site are not legal customers but are people paid to paint the business with a good picture that is appealing to the customers. Some of the reviewers on this site are fake customers. Benjamin from Andorra is one of the reviewers in this site who appears in many rogue sites.




Otc-Ed-Pills-Online.com is one of the rogue sites customers should avoid. According to the details given above it is easy to notice that this site does not ensure trustworthy in their operation as much of their information is retarded to privacy and does not have an SSL certificate. This means that customers’ information is at high risk of falling onto unauthorized hands.

 Customers searching for medicinal products on online platforms should avoid this site!


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