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If you are planning to choose a website to ship your medicines online, you should not haphazardly choose any website. Go with the one that will deliver them in a timely manner without compromising on quality and quantity. A good online medicine store should guarantee you safety when making a purchase. It should be time conscious and should sell only approved medicines. Since claims to possess all these qualities, let us break its features in so that you know whether or not to entrust it.

Domain Details
Date of Registration2016-10-20
Owner CountryRussia, US
Contact Datano
Business Information
Name of Organisationhidden
Licenses, Certificates and Approvals
Customer Support
Toll-NumberUS: +1-831-226-3179
Live Chat Optionno
Courier Mailyes
Free Shippingyes
Payment Methods


Website Information

Before transacting with any website, one needs to ensure their personal detail such as messages; passwords and credit card information are safe. One thing that identifies a secure connection site is a padlock sign at the start of its URL. The padlock should be green and upon left-clicking it, it will indicate whether the website is secure or not. A website selling sensitive products such as drugs should strive at all means to have their site secure. While this site is secure, its security configurations seem not complete. However, it is verified by Comodo.


Domain Information

This site’s domain has been checked on various platforms such as and it is only 1 year and 242 days. Before transacting on any website the age of the website should matter. Its reputation and experience serve to sell the site even more. Actually, most of the scam sites hardly operate for 2 years. Six months is enough to know whether a website is good for transacting any business. In this case, we can recommend this site, with a pinch of salt because, who would wish to put their money on a site that is listed on the privacy protection service? It would be kind of tricky.



Business Profile

The name of this organization remains unknown; however, the location is Russia. The postal code is on their website, they have provided the email address and telephone contact to for clients to reach them securely, which this is still in questions. In any website, full contact information should be displayed for the client to reach the owner of the medical store whenever they have to.



Mirror Websites

A mirror website is a website that looks similar to the original site in interface, design, and nature. Most site owners take the advantage and launch many websites of the same nature and properties, then continue selling their contraband products there. This website, however, is having several sites that share the server. All of them are legit though.


Approvals from Regulatory Agencies

Before you launch a website for selling drugs and pharmaceuticals online, you first need to have approval from international organizations to do so. CIPA, for example, ensures that each drug sold is verified and safe. Nonetheless, after scanning this site for CIPA authenticity we noticed that it failed the credibility test, therefore null and void.

not in the database


Payment and Shipment

The accepted payment options on this website are Master Card and Visa. These payment options are secure since they are protected by HTTPS. The website claims to ship products drugs through EMS Courier services and Airmail. Standard shipping mail for Airmail is free, however, if opt for the tracking services, the charges will be $25.



Customer Reviews

All the few testimonials on their official website cannot be trusted if they are anything to go by. There are only three of them and they do not seem genuine either. Nonetheless, the fact that most new websites that claim to sell drugs online never live up to a year, this website seems to turn the tables around, and there is a degree of legitimacy, though too mild since it has hit surpassed a year and some 242 days now.

website testimonials



Old is gold, and sticking to the brick and mortar stores for all your pharmacy needs at the end pays off. However, the online platform may seem much convenient and cheaper. It is vital to scrutinize a website before you decide to transact with it. It may be risky and in serious cases, turn out ugly and deadly when you purchase and consume drugs from a substandard online drugstore.

 Having seen that almost all the integral standards of this store hit below the knee, therefore, a fair judgment would be 35% trust level for this website.


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