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IHealthStore247.com is an online pharmacy that supposedly dispenses high-quality medications at affordable prices. However, our investigations reveal that all these claims are false. This review explains the rationale as to why we do not recommend this pharmacy.

Domain Details
Date of Registration2018-03-22
Owner CountryUS, Germany
Contact Datano
Business Information
Name of OrganisationInternet Health Store
Licenses, Certificates and Approvals
Customer Support
Toll-NumberUS: +1-800-532-48-08
UK: +44-203-011-02-41
Email[email protected]
Live Chat Optionno
Courier Mailno
Free Shippingfor all orders above 150$
Payment Methods


Domain Information

According to information available on the “About Us” page of this website, the pharmacy has been in operation for about 12 years. However, we found out that this assertion is false considering the fact that the domain was registered on March 22, 2018.


Apparently, the pharmacy has been active in business for only 7 months. Moreover, the site has a lifespan of only 1 year as it is set to expire on March 22, 2019. These numerous contradictions are a clear indication that the pharmacy is probably a scam.


Scam Analysis

A search on ScamAdviser reveals that this website has a 0% trust rating, meaning that it is not safe to transact on this platform. Seemingly, the site does not have watertight security mechanisms in place, as suggested by the fact that they do not own as SSL certificate.

high risk

We also found out that the website could be based either in Germany or in the United States. However, further investigations reveal that there are other high-risk countries involved. Furthermore, the identity of the owner remains unknown as they are using a protection service to hide their details.


Business Profile

This pharmacy does not have a valid business identity or a legitimate license number. We can only presume that the name “Internet Health Store” is its official business name. From these findings, it is clear that the health store has been operating illegally for the past one year.

What is more alarming is that the pharmacy is not willing to provide information about their physical address. From the look of things, we can only conclude that the drugstore is rogue.


Available Products

This drugstore promises to deliver safe, generic medications at affordable rates. The pharmacy deals in a wide range of pharmaceutical products ranging from antifungals to eye care products. However, like most rogue pharmacies, the best-selling drugs on this platform are mainly sexual health products.

pills for men

These medications are sourced from Asian countries like India, China, and Pakistan. Although some of the drugs might be genuine, a high percentage of medical products sourced from these Asian countries are usually counterfeit.


Legal Approvals

We also discovered that this pharmacy does not have any legal approvals or certifications from regulatory bodies. In fact, it is involved in a gross violation of federal drug laws due to failure to adhere to various regulations.


Furthermore, it is not a member of any of the major pharmacy boards such as CIPA and NABP. Putting all these factors into consideration, it is easy to discern that this pharmacy is not legit.


Drug Prices

The prices of medications on this platform are extremely low. Additionally, the pharmacy offers a coupon code to attract shoppers during the Halloween holidays. However, we believe that this is just a ploy to lure unsuspecting customers. Once you make payments, there is a very high possibility that you will not receive your order.



Payment and Shipping

Clients may make payments via Credit Card or Bitcoin. However, this site is not safe for making online payments considering the fact that it does not have an SSL encryption mechanism.
The pharmacy ships to all countries worldwide. Shipping options include standard international airmail and express international mail. Standard airmail costs $10 and takes 10 to 21 days while express shipping costs $30 and takes 5 to 9 business days.



The testimonials on this pharmacy’s website seem genuine. However, after carrying out a thorough verification, we established numerous anomalies that suggest otherwise. In essence, all these reviews are fake as they do not have a date of posting or location/country of the poster.


One particular testimonial from a customer called Brian that states he placed an order on 19-05-2006. This clearly shows that these testimonials are fake. By that time, the drugstore was not in operation.



This pharmacy displays all the characteristics of a rogue business. It does not have a valid business name, license number or legal approvals from any regulatory agency. Furthermore, details about the owners remain unknown. The fact that the pharmacy is using fake testimonials to lure unwary customers further confirms our assertion.

 For all the reasons mentioned above, we can only give it a 20% trust level.


Pharmacy Ranking

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