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This is an online pharmacy that claims to sell a number of drugs for human consumption. We decided to do a review of the pharmacy to confirm whether it is a legit or scam site.

Domain Details
Date of Registration2014-05-28
Owner CountryCyprus, Luxembourg
Contact Datano
Business Information
Name of OrganisationGrant Pharmacy
Licenses, Certificates and Approvals
Customer Support
Live Chat Optionyes
Courier Mailyes
Free Shippingfree Airmail anywhere in the USA
Payment Methods


Domain Info

The domain age for this pharmacy is 4 years, 326 days. The domain name was registered by the Registrar EuroDNS S.A. It was registered on 2014-05-28 and expires on 2021-05-27. The site was updated on 2019-04-08. According to their site lifespan, it has a larger lifespan which makes it appear a legit online site to transact with. Most scam sites have a shorter lifespan which makes them easily recognizable.



Business Profile

Having been in existence for 4 years, 326 days, The site hasn’t got any testimonials from people who have been purchasing products from them. This shows that either people do not like engaging with the pharmacy or either no one has ever purchased anything for the last 4 years from them. Secondly, The site is located in two locations as quoted by scamadviser which are Cyprus: 57%/ Luxembourg: 43%. This information is confusing a lot which breeds in distrust among serious clients. Most fraud operating sites have more than one location in their basic information to confuse the clients about their whereabouts. Avoid this site completely.



Regulatory Approvals

LegitScript organization has classified this site as a rogue operating site. This means that it does not adhere to the set standards of operations used when selling drugs. A rogue site as classified in LegitScript engages in fraud activities and conmen activities thus its good to avoid this site especially when your finances are required. The site actively violates the set rules and regulations of operating a drug store thus the site isn’t safe to buy drugs from. Avoid. As per ScamAdviser, the site puts this site to have a standard rating of 98% which shows that the site has a higher safety rating compared to most sites. Despite having this higher rating, the site is classified as rogue by LegitScript which brings in some ambiguity. The company’s data which includes the addresses (phone numbers, emails, etc) have been redacted for pharmacy meaning customers can’t track the owner of the pharmacy in case of fraud. The website has no other mirror sites on its server.



Products and Pricing


To start with, their products are relatively cheap which makes you think they are selling substandard drugs to the market. It could be a step process to woo unsuspecting clients to their services. Their drug products range from the following:

❋ Cancer Drugs
❋ Diuretics
❋ Blood PressureMasterCard
❋ Diabetes
❋ Skincare drugs Among many other drugs

You can’t make a purchase from this site without having to sign up for their site which means they verify your credentials before they allow you to buy drugs from them.


Payment and Shipping

When paying for their drugs, it is pretty simple. They claim to have a secure payment option. This is what we found out. They have their own secure billing page. They only have two options of payment which include Master Card and VISA only. These two processes may inconvenience one who has another mode of payment. The shipping of the drugs is done through two methods which include the Airmail and the EMS. No drugs are dispatched or neither processed on a Sunday rather, they are pushed to the next working day. This applies to public holidays too. You can track the EMS shipping method at the comfort of your home using your smartphone. This tracking device does not work for those using the Standard Airmail service for shipping.




It is unfortunate that such a site does not have testimonials or reviews about their services after four years of service. This shows that the site has never sold drugs which they claim to. If so, there could be testimonials on pages like TrustPilot which records very vital comments about a certain service.

might be fake



Despite this pharmacy has a good rating from ScamAdviser, it’s unfortunate for it to be operating with such a classification from LegitScript. This site from our humble review deserves a 40% trust level. Until they rectify their bottlenecks, we consider it unsafe for the sale of medicinal drugs for human consumption. Keep your health status okay and your financial information secure by avoiding this site like a plague.

In case you use their services, tread with caution.


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