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Online pharmacies have become very popular over the last decade. With the help of the internet, people can have their prescription medication ordered via a few clicks and delivered at their doorstep. A patient doesn’t need to go all the way to visit a pharmacy just to get their medications. Often, these websites employ in-house pharmacists or physician to attend to patient calls and concerns. They can even prescribe the appropriate medication for a caller’s condition which is a welcome respite for some patients who find it inconvenient or too costly to consult a doctor.

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About Them


Among the many online pharmacies popping up to comply with the growing demand for online medical services, is one of the leading names in this industry. It has been serving US-based customers since 2008. Its mission is to provide fast and reliable delivery of prescription medicine for patients to save time and money. It serves home delivery services at an affordable price across the United States. The services the site offers are:


They cater to individuals who are in need of medication for the treatment of prolonged or chronic medical conditions such as heart diseases, diabetes, and high blood pressure.
They serve medicines of the prescription benefit program under plan sponsors and do not have delivery services for over the counter medicines.
They offer transfer prescription which is considered an additional advantage for their clients.


Order Prescription Medication

Customers are required to complete an online enrolment process which takes only a few minutes. After this, they will be allowed to start ordering their prescription medication. Initially, they need to email a duly completed form and their original prescription and send their payment. The pharmacy offers the convenience of online payment as they accept credit and debit card payments. Shipping costs are free for orders with an attached prescription. They may also process urgent orders and can deliver these within a day or two to the customer. This urgent ordering system comes with an additional fee depending on the location and quantity of the medicines ordered.



Facility and Staff

Armed with the mission to provide patient-focused care and guaranteeing quick delivery of products and services, the company boasts of the following features and advantages:


❋ 5,000 Sq. Feet Facility in Clearwater, FL
❋ Call Center with dedicated customer support representatives and pharmacy technicians
❋ Automated dispensing technology for efficient filing and delivery of medication
❋ Dedicated to continuous quality assurance and use of the third-party analytical testing laboratory for pharmaceutical analysis of compounded products
❋ Multiple licensed pharmacists in 47 states who are highly competent and specially trained at compounding medications


❋ Established clinical affiliations with the University of South Florida College of Pharmacy to accept students for their clinical rotations

The website certainly is a legit site that has become one of the preferred home delivery pharmacies for several insurances provides in the US. Optimum Healthcare, Freedom Health, and America’s 1st Choice NC are some of these insurance companies that use this website for their prescription medicine delivery services.


Promotions and Codes

Like most online businesses, this one also offers promotions for new users and patients. They are free to register and access the website by signing up and making an account. One of the best advantages of ordering medicines from this site is the free delivery offers for a regular shipment of 10 days. This is free irrespective of the number of orders and the location. Presently, there are no discounts, promotions or coupon codes that can be accessed, but the site offers them from time to time.


Payment and Shipping

The drugstore makes ordering, paying and receiving prescription convenient and hassle-free. They accept online payment like credit and debit card payments through MasterCard, Discover or Visa Card. Shipping costs are free for orders with an attached prescription and these orders are usually processed within 10 days. However, they may also process urgent orders and can deliver these within a day or two to the customer for an additional fee.



Customer Reviews

According to Warren and Patricia Williams, the loyal customers, the site support has provided them Excellent service in answering their queries and have always filled out their prescription form correctly. Additionally, Diane Hindergardt also appreciated the quick response and the courteous manner that the employees provided for her. The company served many customers from various locations and they have been truly consistent with their promise to provide excellent service and quick response to customer needs.




The company has established a facility and a name in the online pharmacy service. They are focused on providing a cost-effective and convenient means of delivery for customers needing prescription medication for chronic medical conditions. Their customer base has grown and they are now serving customers from 47 states in the US. One minor drawback for a potential customer is limited online reviews. Since customers today rely on online reviews to know whether a site is legit or scam, the limited information about the pharmacy makes potential customers a bit wary about signing up. But if you are not affected by this issue, then you should definitely give this drugstore a try and start ordering your prescription medication from them. has been in the business for more than a decade.


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We have created a rating of online pharmacies which gained our trust on the basis of their verified certificates, great customer feedback and quality services. Have a look and find the best store satisfying your needs.

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